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Baltimore has been in the international spotlight for a few weeks. But what do the citizens of Baltimore do after the light goes off, the cameras move onto the next story? Join us as we discuss some steps and solutions to the issues of police... more

Baltimore's turn. Death of an unarmed black man at the hands of the police. Outrage follows, then protest. But everyone is complaing about how the protest were carried out. Some were very peaceful, some looted downtown stores and... more

Police brutality is a very hot topic in the country, as it should be. Because of video, unknown behavior has come to the light. But the black community doesnt react the same when the brutality or murder comes from a person in their... more

Join The DG Show as I broadcast live from Detroit. Lack of anger management has been an ongoing trend with our youth as well as adults. We see it everyday on social media, arguments, fights and emotional rants. We will be discussing... more

In today's world relationships can be difficult and dating tiresome. But, if certain things are in place relationships can be heavenly and dating, smooth. Join us as we try to figure out how to be the happiest you can be, in a relationship... more

We back!!! Join us as we discuss the state of Baltimore City. Schools, Horseshoe Casino, new republican governor and more. But of course we start the show off with "the post of week" from the FB group Visual Thoughts.

Join us as we have an in depth discussion about prison life. Our guest Arthor, Shawn Gardner will be giving us insight that most men dont want to talk about concerning prison. This is the show for children and young adults that may need... more

Join the DG Show to discuss how big businesses are thriving off of the broken family. How the broken family is impacting marketing and big businesses.

Crime and violence during summer months explode every year. The city of Baltimore has just implemented one of the toughest curfews in the nation. The only question is, will the curfew make a difference! Joining us as we discuss... more

More male/female traditional roles are being challenged. Most women have full-time jobs these days, many make more than their man. How should the household be handled when she makes enough to carry the household... more