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The Daily Missive - Program #217

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The Daily Missive

The Daily Missive


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Jon goes nuts again on all of his 'Talking Points' on Program #217!

  • Red Light cameras! What's up with all of the hubbub?
  • Trying to help fellows socialist/communists, Obama will delay those parts of ObamaCare that folks will be screaming about, until AFTER the mid-term elections.
  • We are back to that 'You can keep your health plan' - until 'you-know-when'.
  • Lois (Lane) Lerner goes to Congress again today. Will she aswer question truthfully? Chance are NO. She has had some time to fabricate her answers, so that they seem to be honest!


Each weekday at 8:00 AM Eastern, Jon goes off on the Democrat Left Wing in the country. If there is one thing Jon doesn't care for, it's anyone apologizing for the USA and talking it down. The regime does both at every chance they get - from the WH down the line. Honesty, integity, family values and love of country are words that the Left doesn't have in their moral code!

Jon is off the top many times and he does have a habit of ranting - going off on some tangent and just complaining, but Jon does offer solutions to the obstacles trown in our way to prevent us from upholding the US Constitution! It's a dirty word to the Democrat Left and if they hear it more than once in a day, they begin to foam at the mouth! They are a strange breed of people - Liberalism afterall, IS a mental disorder!