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The Daily Missive - Program #92

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The Daily Missive

The Daily Missive


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Program #92 Talking Points include:

* He's baaacckk! Vaca time is over for the Mulatto President!

* Oprah's movie is #1 at the box offices - no, really!

* California lawmaker pull his kid from public school - his son "knows" what sex he is - a boy! Doesn't need pyschriatric care!

* "New Business" in poverty neighborhoods - selling food stamps for quick cash for booze and drugs!

* Al Qaeda American born militant says hooray for Bengazi attack - offers 106 ounces of gold to get Yemen's US ambassador.

* Fed workers reject Obama Care - Hey, that's for non-party members!

* Fed up over NBC & CNN "campaign" miniseries about Hillary, Republicans pull plug on partnering in 2016 campaign debates.


If there's one thing Jon doesn't care for, it's driving US traditional values and culture down the tubes.

The Left Wing in the country is doing just that spearheaded by having Obama in the White House. The most radical far-Left president that the country has seen since Roosevelt! Known as the Black Messiah and winner of the Noble Peace Prize, He has lead the world to stability and peace!

Or at least that's what the Socialist Left wants you to believe.

Jon doesn't mince words in his opinions and commentaries. Sometimes he gets a bit carried away - but Jon is smart enough to realize that it's an uphill battle keeping the freedoms of the country alive and untrampled upon.

Join Jon each day at 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Eastern, for his Daily Missive or is it rant?!

Somebody has to do it - so it might as well be Jon Doe!