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If you are NOT watching FOX News or listening to Talk Radio or ME - then you are NOT getting the whole story - Period! Here's an easy habit forming 60 minutes (THAT'S RIGHT JON'S NOW 60 MINUTES - NOT 30!). message that exposes the Left Wing in the US and talks about things in a way that no one else would dare to! It's Jon's personal take on topics of the day and he is always looking to correct the Left Wing media, with ideas, opinions and commentary that most people never consider - Always fun, always provocative and certainly always on the edge! Join Jon from 8 -9 AM Eastern, Monday thru Friday on The Daily Missive.

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On Program #304, Jon talks about: Puton having the upper hand! What? This is supposed to be a "new's flash"? Voters say The Prince of Peace has exceeded his authority! Impeachment? Ahhh, not so much! 58% say Obama... more

Program #303 finds Jon talking about: Obama's $4.5 million dollar home in the Hollywood foothills for his family to retire to after he leaves the WH. Little 6 year boy doing "child-molester" Micheal Jackson moves, wow's You-tube! Michael... more

Program #300 finds Jon talking about: Bobby Jindal meeting with education czar about Common Core! Gov. Deval Patrick, Democrat Govenor of Mass. Says that border crisis is like the Holocaust! Oh, brother! DOJ looking closer at Lerner's... more

Program #299 has as it's 'Talking Points': Experts agree with Boehner, the "Prince of Peace" has broken the law and should be brought to trial! Illegal immigrant murders NEW American girlsfriend in Louisiana only 3 weeks after crossing the... more

Program #297 has as its 'Talking Points': Eyeballs eaten up by amoebas Hey - give us back that pay increase! Three eighth grades sign $1.7 million contract with Sony! Oh - there has to be more to this pie-in-the-sky story! Bergdahl could end... more

_______________________________________________ Program #296 finds Jon talking about: Bergdahl returns to active duty! What?! New PS tells ABC that 'The Black Messiah' has the most 'transparent administration' in US history!... more

How did we end up with an administration that is totaly out of touch with the Constitution and the American Culture? The Liberal Left Wing (Democrats) have been working hard the past six years following and adhering to the tenets put... more

On Program #294's July 4th, abbreviated show, Jon talks about: All of those kids living in mom and dad's basement... The Prince of Peace presides over the WH citizenship ceremony! Oh, brother!... more

On Program #293 Jon talks about a bunch of things which are making the Left spin so hard they're falling over one another! People say The Black Messiah is the worst president! Well, that took awhile for some folks to reach that conclusion!... more

Program #290 has as its 'Talking Points' : Pooch gets shot by Salt Lake City cop and hundreds protest! A human, they wouldn't care! The suffering and deaths of the illegal immigrant kids crossing the border is an 'opportunity' (for... more