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The Croissant Shop is a place where we discuss relevant subjects in regards to Christian living. Your Comments and Calls are not to be of a judgmental nature. Let's uplift each other.

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Hey...Snow Bunnies..Tonight at 8 we are taking prayer request and testimonies... Be a part of praying for someone and testifying with fellow believers. Call Tonight and be a part of our Prayer Snow Day.

Hey I am testing my blog talk radio station starting at 7:30pm. So you can call about anything or NOTHING.. My shows have a lot of techinical difficulties so I am testing it... Call just to say what church you are going to tommorrow...what u... more

The Painful Victorious Truth About Celibacy It sucks. Back in ?the day? in college, I had casual sex. It was never actually MY intention to have casual sex. What would start out as love at first touch for ME, would end up as just ?something to... more

Discussion on Facebook: Weigh in on the subject. Can you have a roomate and not be involved in Hanky Panky? There are many Christians who have or have been in situations where they have room mates that are of the opposite sex.... more

HEy this is just an open mic for Christians who do and do not have a problem with This Specific show... Just an open mic... Should Christians Watch shows like Scandal....etc... Lets go

We are trying a test through the storms again.....Call in and express your views about what we can do to make the Youth more active in our churches... Lets talk about Solutions....

President Obama and the Gay Right Endorsement. What are your thoughts concerning it as a Christian. This is opinion based. Please we are not into the arguments. Just leave your 2 cents where it matters.

Cheating Hurts, but if he/she is not a Compulsive cheater, Can you live past this? One of the most unpleasant things that can occur during a relationship is an infidelity. It is a total violation of the trust and devotion you invest daily in your... more

In Jamaica, the leading protestant church is the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This church has been reaching out to the community in the rash of crime. They have been hosting funerals for all kinds of deaths including drug and... more
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