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Jess Anderson

The Critical Truth with Jess Anderson


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The Critical Truth is a collective of scientists, intuitives, investigative journalists and concerned global citizens, dedicated to providing an alternative forum for news and information for people navigating through the confusing maelstrom of political, geological, spiritual and global events. We know we are not being told the whole story, or even the true stories, behind the current events being shown to us in the mainstream media today. The governments, media conglomerates and the PTB have every reason to manipulate the masses, inciting fear and panic or placating us when it serves them. Seekers of truth in science, global mythos and anyone willing to see beyond the smokescreen of what is being fed to us, and kept from us, in the media - converge here to discuss and share their perspectives on the deeper meanings and consequences of what is happening in our world today. The world as we know it is shifting and changing more quickly, and visibly, than we have ever witnessed in our human history. The planet itself is crying out for change. Answer the call to discover and share the Critical Truth.

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discussing Dogma, spiritual changes, the Mayan shift plus current news events and astrological influences happening this month...

Tonight's show discusses the Mayan Unity Wave transition/shift and how it pertains to current events and phenomena, dreams and premonitions about Japan and other disasters, as well as weird physical symptoms of the 'shift'. Guest... more

An overview of current events not covered by the MSM, including Japan and the Oil Spill in the Gulf. Predictions, prophecies, and visions pertaining to the disaster in Japan also to be discussed.