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Why Do They Call You Mr. World "FAMOUS"?

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This week on The Conversation Café we will be talking to Mr. World “FAMOUS” the CEO of INF Media Group, LLC & INF Records and discussing news and events of the day. In the first half of the show Adrianne & Dawn will talk to Mr. World “FAMOUS” about his companies, and “why they call him Mr. World “FAMOUS.”  In the second half of the show Adrianne & Dawn will chat about the news and event of the day. Tune in on Tuesday, December 4th at 7PM EST! For more information about Mr. World “FAMOUS” visit: Follow him on Twitter at  and Facebook at The Conversation Café™ is a show that that interviews fascinating guests who will engage in an exchange of sentiments, observations, opinions and ideas on life, society, politics and religion that inform, educate, entertain and inspire listeners. Tune in each and every Tuesday at 7PM EST to check out “The Conversation Café™” on internet radio: Listeners are invited to call in (773) 897-3986 or chat.

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