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The Conversation with Cathy Brooks - Episode #32

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If she's at all privvy to the mechanations of on-line life in the new Millenium, it's pretty certain that Emily Post is flipping 360s in her grave on a regular basis. The ongoing wrestling match of on-line etiquette you would think would have rumbled into a dull roar by now, what with all these platforms becoming such a normal part of most people's everyday lives. Oh, wait. These platforms aren't a normal part of "most" people's everyday lives. In fact, in spite of the burgeoning numbers of people on-line (stats that continue to grow), the truth is that most people still find operating in the digital realm ... well ... odd. Perhaps this explains the perpetual problems with bad behavior, sloppy communication and just downright lousy etiquette. There are, however, many digital denizens who make it part and parcel of their work to help educate and guide others - even if that isn't part of their actual work. On today's show, real estate marketing expert Ricardo Bueno joins Cathy for a wide ranging discussion of online etiquette ... and perhaps a rant or two from Cathy.

The Conversation is not about technology. It's about what you do with it. Jumping from this basic premise, each week The Conversation's Executive Producer & Host Cathy Brooks explores the bits and bytes that are changing the way people get and share information, interact and the way in which this is fundamentally changing social and professional interactions. Each week guests ranging from up and comer entrepreneurs to seasoned influencers and everyone in between join Cathy to talk about what they do, why they do it and how their personal story fits into the mix.