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Nearly fifty years ago Ronald Reagan gave his famous A Time For Choosing speech, in that speech he spoke about the out of control growth of government, the fight to preserve this nation as the last best hope for freedom , and the... more

That seems to be the strategy of the GopE these days, it is now quite obvious that we will never rid ourselves of the blight known as Obamacare until we rid ourselves of the establishment surrender caucus. This is not the time to give up,... more

The political ruling class should be thankful that the American are as tolerant as they are, because otherwise there would be a march on Washington unlike this nation has ever seen. On tonights program I am going to start sharpening my... more

As we continue the Government Shutdown I must Say I don't Care. The longer the shutdown goes on the more obvious it becomes that we need a smaller Federal footprint. Hold the line GOP because you are winning the argument.... more

In the first half of this week's Prime Time edition of the Conservative Watchtower we will talk about the important role of faith in a free society and how it applies to the fight that is before us. There is much hardship to come as we fight to... more

On last week's Sunday morning edition of The Conservative Watchtower I had Stay Mad Radio's David Graham as my guest to discuss Article Five Conventions. The show set off what has become known as they rolling brawl here on BTR,... more

First Rule Of Tuesday Night Fight Club..Tell Everyone About Tuesday Night Fight Club! On this edition of the Conservative Watchtower Prime Time Edition we will continue a discussion that started on Live and Direct with Gski Rocks! We all... more

On this week's Sunday Morning Edition of The Conservative Watchtower I will be joined by Stay Mad Radio's David Graham. We will discuss the facts about an Article Five Convention of the states , and we will address many of the myths... more

Tonight on the Prime Time edition of The Conservative Watchtower we will celebrate Constitution Day by continuing our discussion of how we can save our republic. If you have accepted defeat at the hands of the political ruling class, if... more

If you are not an entrenched leftist, then it has become obvious our nation is in deep trouble. The political ruling class is disconnected from the people they are supposed represent and it is all too evident that they are not going to change.... more
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