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Where Have All The Conservatives Gone?

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dana smearman

dana smearman


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If you listen to the braying of the lamestream media , you would be led to believe that the Republican Party is bursting at the seams with dreaded "right wingers". If you work at a major news outlet you see conservatives everywhere, and these damned  racist, homophobic, knuckle draggers are stopping the transformation of our society into a marxist utopia.

To that I say, what freaking conservatives? Would that be John Mclame? Lindsay Grahamnesty? John" cry me a river" Bohner?  It seems to me that the GOP is being run into the ground by the Karl Rove wing of the party, you know the wing of the party that surrenders before the fight begins, that has absolutely no principles?

When , like Punxsutaweny Phil, a conservative pops their head out and tries to make a stand, these Rovies come down on them with more vitriol than the left!!!

The fact is there are not enough conservatives in the GOP. If we are to save this nation this must change.