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Conservative Underground - Obamacare - Constitutional Death Spiral

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What was the Revolutionary War all about ? It was about many things but primarally it was about the notion that the rights of man do not come from the generostiy of the state but from the hand of God. The founders rejected the notion that one man, a King, could weild absolute power over other men. 

What we have with President Obama is a man who thinks he is King. Obama  believes that if he says Insurance policies should no longer be cancelled then by God they won't be cancelled. Obama believes that if he wants to ignore certain laws or provisions then he simply can ignore them. Obama believes he doesn't need approval from Congress to do much of anything. After all Congress just gets in the way, and slows things down. 

This is not what this country is all about. Matter of fact, its the furtheset thing from what we, as Americans are all about. This man will stop at nothing to turn this Republic into a big government centralized state answerable to an all powerful executive. Congress is a rubber stamp, and the people are nothing more than servents to the state.



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