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Common Man; Common Sense. The Conservative Underground Show speaks about all the issues of the day with an unapologetic conservative approach. The Republic is under attack; our individual rights and personal freedoms are being slowly erased as the radical left sweeps in to change our way of life to fit their perverse intentions. This show is all about promoting diligence, freedom, & responsibility. Got something on your mind, then call me up and get out there! Republican by registration - Federalism by philosophy - Conservative by birth. Demonstrated principals mean more than self appended labels. The broadcast his heard LIVE right here on Blog Talk Radio Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday 9pm eastern. Our network partner also rebroadcasts the show, along with several other conservative shows, at - Red State Talk Radio.

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On this broadcast ... I'm not for Big Tobacco ... I'm for LIBERTY ! Hillary 2016 Bumper Sticker - Starts the campaign & behold the fake branding to follow .... Why Article V Convention is nullification .... BCS Title Game - Predictions... more

On this episode of the Conservative Underground … Apathy in the conservative movement – avoid it like the plague … More attacks on smoking – Total ban even e-cigs, on college campuses … Mayor... more

Big 3: The Ryan/Murray Budget Deal - Take 2 Melissa Harris - Perry : Life begins when you want it too Obama Approval - All Time Lows .... Other topics & headlines..... ON THIS EDITION OF THE CONSERVATIVE UNDERGROUND !

On the Blurb: Tool Box of the Week Award; Christmas Shopping & Mall Walkers ... Featured Topic: The Ryan/Murray Budget Deal ... a.k.a. The Bi Polar Budget Sham - Welcome to Cartoon Government. Also ... the playing of "Frontier... more

The Big Three on today's broadcast: 1. Time's Person of the Year - Pope Francis 2. Obama's pivot to Income Inequality & 3. Sandy Hook revisited Also ... The Ryan / Murray / Anit Taxpayer Budget Sham and if time permits .... Chicago... more

What was the Revolutionary War all about ? It was about many things but primarally it was about the notion that the rights of man do not come from the generostiy of the state but from the hand of God. The founders rejected the... more
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