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Fed up with the industry, fans and people in general. Chosen1 will have a final discussion about the latest ramblings in Fandom when it comes to movies, games, tv, Etc.

Here we will be discussing all things ASOIAF. Depending on the flow of conversations and the number of callers we get. The discussion may just focus on book 1 season 1 for the live portion of the show, but we may dive into... more

C1 is back. It is time people hear what he has to say about some recent and not so recent news in the entertainment industry abroad. From Movies, Tv, music and video games. One of the alumni from talkbackworld gives his thoughts

In this episode we sit down the you-tube legend himself, COA. We will be discussing his viewpoints on Hollywood past, present and future. As well as addressing why so much criticism is aimed toward him and the best direction for... more

In this segment we discuss the latest news in fandom. The mentality of fans abroad and what lies on the horizon.

In this episode we try to dissect certain aspects of the show and determine when and how the series went down hill.

In this segment we discuss the latest news released news in all things fandom.

We attempt to answer this question by looking at the past failures of franchise films.

We attempt to answer this question by looking at the attitudes and the psyche of the entertainment industry of past and present.

In this segment we discuss the future of the X-men movie franchise.