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Hosted by Susan Paget - a midlife coach, speaker and author. IMPORTANT - The podcast is no longer on Blogtalk. Find me over at iTunes or come to my website at thechangeguru for the new link. Thanks for your awesome support Blogtalk - onward!

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Have you found your soulmate? Are soulmates for real? What are the secret ingredients for a lasting relationship with a person who is especially connected to you? My guests for this episode are relationship experts (and of course,... more

Are you ready to harness the Law of Attraction? Do you want to make a dream a reality? Have you ever wondered what this whole manifesting thing is all about? Well, my guest, inspirational speaker, teacher, coach and Blog Talk Radio... more

Need to make a big change at mid-life? Well BRING IT! I''m going to walk you through a five step process for making change in any area of your life. Bring your pen and paper and be prepared to take a step in a new direction.

Have you heard horror stories about going through perimenopause? Are you hoping it will all go away? Well, if you answered yes to the above, then this special show Menopause Live! is for you. In one of a series of programs, I'm... more

Are you stuck? Are you procrastinating? Overwhelm is a tricky thing. And it's fascinating! Why do we put off doing things while at the same time endure the pain of not facing them? Why is it so hard to take the first steps? In this episode... more

Are you caring for your parents? One of the realities of all of us living longer is that there's a high likelihood that we will play some role in helping our parents deal with aging. in this episode I will be speaking with Lori La Bey, an expert in... more

What's your purpose? Do you know in your gut that you've got something to give, something that can leave your mark on the world, but have absolutely no idea what that thing is? Well, on this special Valentine's Day episode of The Change... more

Is there something you want to do but you're too scared to give it a try? Does it make you crazy that one little step might be holding you back? Do you ever worry that you're too old, too inexperienced, too "insert excuse here" to try something... more