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(#1) Core Mechanics Of Synchronicity

  Broadcast in Spirituality

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If You Are Reading This It Means … something you require to experience what you desire is within your (mental) and physical reach. Synchronicity "is the fulfillment frequency of your personal attractor factor energies" … and if you're unaware of these mechanics, you shall consistently miss your cues, miss your boats and often miss your NEXT BEST STEP on your path … toward what you claim to deeply desire.

In Greek: Sync means together and the word chronos means happening at the same time. So since knowing these mechanics is essential to success, after integrating this truth about Synchronicity into your brain’s database there’s just one more vital thing to know and remember, so that you’re optimally empowered to recognize Synchronicity’s activity in your world  whether or not it’s accompanied by “ah-ha moments" or chill bumps running down your back.

Here’s why this broadcast can begin waking you up to your power. You see, when you’re paying attention to what’s happening in your world and your most burning desire is in the top of your mind when synchronistic moments occur what's happened is that when a person's name, a book, a video, an event a service, or even a radio show title has caught your attention the frequency of your desire has slammed into an exact vibrational match to itself.

This literally means that whatever caused that chill, the ah-ha vibe, etc, is evidence that something you require to take your next best step toward your most burning desire is standing within reach. That's why "instruction on these mechanics is paramount" to shortening the road to your fulfillment. Because there's so much more to paying attention to our energies than the world would have us believe tune in prepared to give my message your undivided attention and see if it resonates in your heart.


Synchronicity = Resonance
Resonance = Harmony
Harmony = Sameness
Sameness = Familiarity
Familiarity = Frequency
Like Frequency = (Likely) Manifestation
Soul Path Clarity