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● July 12, 2k14 ● See buttons to the upper right for my website link, facebook and twitter. ● Welcome to the Cartomanc-Seer® channel which is part of my Abracadabra Alchemy® network. ● My name is Doc♠Vaj; I'm (40+) year seasoned Elder Mystic Way Shower whose Light Quotient counter-balances (70,000,000) people and I've been broadcasting cosmic level wisdom on the Soul's Earthly life cycle for (6+) years. ● So when unraveling your life's mysteries becomes your (#1) priority, you're in the right place to accomplish that "spiritual" agenda. ● All that's required is a willingness to TURN ALL YOUR TOYS OFF and focus your attention on what Prime Source Creator makes available (through me), so you can feel my authenticity. ● Resonance is about feelings and experiencing RESONANCE requires possession of: (1) a deep burning desire that doesn’t quit; (2) a willingness to lean into my Light to strengthen your own. ● So be wise, follow this channel and evaluate my contributing factor yourself. ● The World's Cartomanc-Seer® - The Soul's Path Clarifier®

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PERSONALIZED WORD DEFINITIONS HONOR: To ?confer? a distinction upon; to hold in high respect; to show a courteous regard for. Spiritually ?honor? regards THE ABSCENCE of deceit or fraud. INTEGRITY: A sense of... more

I desire and require (2+) or more Chat Room Monitors for this Soul Path Clarity® Global Radio channel. This segment presents exactly what you'll find on the link below which leads to my "information only Cartomanc-Seer... more

To my good fortune ... many people (in the USA and other countries) who are attracted to this brand of Light have repeatedly let me know they felt that our Elders must get to hear about what's presented on my new website.... more

If You Are Reading This It Means … something you require to experience what you desire is within your (mental) and physical reach. Synchronicity "is the fulfillment frequency of your personal attractor factor energies" … and if... more
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