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Realistic and comprehensive discussion on The Constitution, American Values and the meaning of Freedom. Covering all local politics nationwide as well.

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The Obama Administration is gung-ho on destroying not only America's family values but the Worlds as well. He was stopped dead in his tracks in Kenya Last week. White "Right-Wingers" are America's biggest threat. Not the millions of illegal Aliens killing, raping and molesting our children, driving drunk and continually hoping the border to enter our country illegally, only to be released back into our cities to repeat their violent crimes again and again and again. He doesn't see ISIS or jihad, or "Radical Islam" as a threat to our society, or a threat to the world . . . But, the White Man - The WHITE Right-Wing Extremists Exposing criminals for selling body parts will now get you a DOJ investigastion . . . If they investigate it like they did with Benghazi, you're in the clear, but, we all know that wont be the case. The administration is exposed, so that means retaliation
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For some reason, another BTR show cut into this braodcast, so we will be repeating this episode tonight 7/28/2015 Live. Go to the next broadcast above to hear the show. Again, very sorry Shipmates. It beyond my control and I did... more

Join the Captain & his crew; Neil, Seth and Brother X as they discuss the week in Sports

Sanctuary cities are destroying our society criminally, economically and socially. We are the most inclusive country in the world, but we still have to use common sense or we will no longer have what is left of what we still have. Bring your... more

Finally after extreme pressure the Administration relents and lowers our Nations Colors at half-mast . . . My question is: Why did it take 5 days to do it. ALL flags should have been lowered that afternoon on the 16th. This adminstration is a... more

Join The Captain and his crew: Neil, Seth and Brother X, to discuss all the latest in the week of Sports. Join the fun at: 646-716-7978

Four Marines were shot and killed today by a mad-man, Combat Vets, coming home with injuries, still havent goten a doctor, many are turned away claiming that the VA is no longer taking on new patients. Now we have DEA Supervisors... more

I have no idea what reality this administration is living in, but my reality is not working well with theirs. We hear tonight directly fromt he Presidents mouth and his Homeland Secretary Jeh Johnson just how out of touch with reality... more

Iran celebrates after the US knee-slammed the ground and surrendered. Question is: Does Congress have enough integrity to stop it? . . . I doubt it. And we are supposed to believe this is "Historic"? . . . We have just been suckered in! More... more

Join The Captain and his crew: Neil, Seth and Brother X, to discuss all the latest in the week of Sports. Join the fun at: 646-716-7978