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Realistic and comprehensive discussion on The Constitution, American Values and the meaning of Freedom. Covering all local politics nationwide as well.

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At $2 Million a day . . . that can certainly buy a lot of guns and ammunition. Jihad is real, it exists, it is in the US and will only grow until it is elliminated . . . COMPLETELY! Tune in every weeknight at 8:00pm to 10:00pm to hear The... more

Randy Kretchmar, attorney for Michelle Rider, mother of Isaiah Rider, victim of another DCF capture, will be here tonight to dicuss thier case. Tune in every weeknight at 8:00pm to 10:00pm to hear The Captain unlock his treasure chest... more

. . . Me either. I guess you have to be a strong-arm theif and a cop-attacker to get any REAL respect from this administration eh? I guess going to war . . . TWICE, to kill for the "King" just isn't good enough. If only Sgt. Tamorressi would... more

Say? . . . who's in charge down in ole Ferguson MO. these days, anyway? The city police? The State Police? The Federal Police? The DOJ? The White House? . . . Appearently no one. But, we have ttime to indict Governor Perry for... more

I don't know what the hell to make of all of this. We have two events non-related, rioting in the streets, military warfare, accusations of cover-ps in the police department, social-network headlines, the President condems everybody then... more

As the world burns, churns and self destructs, Obama goes dancing. The call for impeachment gets stronger every day. Who are our biggest threats you ask? ISIS? . . . The Russians? . . . The Chinese? . . . The S. American Invaders? . . .... more

We have thousands of people from all over the world crossing our borders every day. We do know Islamic extremists are here now waiting for their moment to kill inocent Americans. The Constitution clearly states, In the first sentence, I might... more

Organizations involved in the protest today in KC . . . Tauheed Youth Organization, Organization for Black Struggle (a pro-Hamas group), New Black Panther Party, Moorish Science Temple, ,Nation of Islam – Mosque 28,... more

What is the truth? What really happened? Is this outrage genuine or is it an excuse to loot and get free stuff? If you're really that upset at the cops, why are you attacking your own community? These shop owners didn't shoot that... more