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Realistic and comprehensive discussion on The Constitution, American Values and the meaning of Freedom. Covering all local politics nationwide as well.

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I have been arguing this case for almost two years. Now I have the proof. The govt. is not only using your children as lab rats, but they are using young adults and the elderly as well. No One is Safe! Obamacare is set to make it easier to... more

A bit of headline news and all the latest NFL news and the Gangs Superbowl Pick. (Me, Brother X, My other Brother X, Seth and Neil) Obama Admin is fuming over Netanyahu's visit to Congress. TX CPS doesn't report real numbers on... more

Hear the vicious attacks by Mathew T. Grey, an Ex-DCF Investigator to Michelle Rider on Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner's Facebook page. I will read ALL of his hate and idiocy so you can hear just how pathetic these people truly are. I have... more

Tyranny is ALWAYS under guise of security. Either for society or the children. Listen tonight as I discuss the latest in tyrannical behavior against a "Prepper" family. Targeted only because they live free. Hal and Michelle Stanley had... more

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A horrifying nightmare that began almost 6 years ago when she called the police to help her with her Autistic son. It's been living hell ever since. You will hear the absolute, heinous atrocities that were committed against her son and continue to... more

Why are so many people in the US and Europe sucking up to the very people who procreate simply to kill them? We can't mention the word "Pork" or Pig" or even "Sausages" now, according to Oxford University, because it may offend... more

Tonight we will pray for 3 victims of CPS, cover the latest tragic news relating to Isaiah Rider and have Ted Taupier join us to discuss the latest develpments of his case involving his house-arrest and the loss of his visitation rights with his... more

Prayers for 3 mothers who desperatly need your help. Rally for Michelle and Isaiah Rider - Jan 13th at 1:00pm - 1100 S. Hamilton - Chicago, Ill. NO special invite or RSVP. Just show up and support them. DCFS Chief in Illinois is... more