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The "B" Word


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Talk/Music show that promotes the education of the community through engaging topics about money, politics, education, and entertainment while showcasing artists and music that uplift the community.

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Atlanta's renowned life coach and empowerment expert joins the show to talk about the two most important things that can derail individuals from moving forward from failure and realizing their full potential. Learn how to let go of the baggage, which could also be people that are preventing you from getting back on track. Learn the basics of life changing activities that can catapult you into the next phase of your life!
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How does insecurity operate to diminish the strength of the Black relationship? This insecurity can be sexual, financial, physical (i.e., attractiveness, weight, color). Where does this insecurity come from and can it be released in order to... more

Are you one of those mother's that uses child support to continue to taunt your ex because you're bitter? Are you a man that actually pays to support your children but you care still caught up in the child support trap with the government all... more

Check out my interview with DBoy Radio personality, Detroit Rapper/MC...BOOM2G! We are going to get down Detroit style and keep it real on his success and his views about the game in general. We are also going... more

Do we still divide ourselves into light and dark skinned cliques? Is there still the perception that light is right and dark is not? Is there a difference between the genders and what is felt about light versus dark skins? Is this affecting the way... more

Are you a social media junkie? Do you Tweet, Facebook, Tumble, Pinterest, Instagram, Hoot, Google or any of the other zillion social medial apps available. Well, so do I. But, I've found out a very alarming phenomena that is happening... more

Are you interested in going back to school? Does the current economy dictate that you need more education or training? Are you one of those individuals where time is not your friend and a traditional classroom in this day and age just won't... more

I watched the Beyonce Documentary the other day and then was on Facebook and saw some very distrurbing comments. It got me to thinking about people and the perception they have about celebrities and what some of the things they... more

None of us are getting any younger and it is never too late to plan for tomorrow. However, do you plan on living the life that you've always dreamed of living when it comes time to retire or are you one of those individuals that it seems will... more

The Black man has no rights which the White man is bound to respect. . . . He may justly and lawfully be reduced to slavery . . . and treated as an ordinary article of traffic and merchandise.—Chief Justice, Roger Brooke Taney... more

Exhibiting professionalism is a lot more then being in a field that is called a profession. You can be a lawyer, a doctor, a scientist and still not show an ounce of professionalism. A hard truth in our community is that we DO NOT show... more