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The Butterfly Effect


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Welcome to the Butterfly Effect Radio Network. Random, aka Susan ~ Poetess is the founder and CEO. The Butterfly Effect is a great example of how your everyday actions can make a difference for generations to come. I think this applies to poetry, writing, and life in general. Random is well known in the poetry/spoken word community and still holds the #1 position 4 spoken word artist on reverbnation for Louisville,ky. This is her 2nd year holding that position .Her inspiration is "life & everything in it" She is an advocate for missing children/persons,gun violence,Domestic violence & suicide awareness. She has published two books for charities & one of her own "Inside A random heart" Acts of love instead of violence is a project she promotes along with her publishing company to encourage our youth to use the arts to express themselves instead using violence. She strongly supports the sandy hook promise and ask everyone else to as well.This is an entertainment network and different shows air on this network. She also exposes people who are fake and makes no bones about it. She has been producing and hosting on air since 2009 . Please support her new journey which is her own as she does not have to steal or lie to gain anything. That's keeping it real in every hour. Thank you and much love from the butterfly effect radio a network for the people and the truth.

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~ Butterflies Of The Pen ~

~ Butterflies Of The Pen ~ Music

Updates on michael Brown,ferguson and the other side of the story

Welcome to sizzling Saturday in Salem! This show doesn't air every week so check the show page. A Random review of whats poppin in Salem. A show for fans hosted by a life long fan !

Music and spoken word !

~ Butterflies Of The Pen ~ A Blast from the past !

Join us for Sizzling Saturday night's In Salem as we chat about the prior weeks events in Salem. A show for fans hosted by Fans. We will cover plots ,writing ,wardrobe and anything else that comes up ! Everyone must treat each other... more

~ Butterflies Of The Pen ~ Updates on Sandy Hook . As most of you know the sandy Hook shooting landed in my heart with the faces of all those small precious babies and has never left . Many things have happened since this tragedy and... more

The child of a raped housekeeper who was deaf, mute, and poor, Jerry Smith had trouble before he even started. Does God Give Us More Than We Can Bear? takes readers through disappointments and failures as Jerry does his best to... more

This is a very serious issue, and we want to put this out there once again for those of you that may have missed it the first time. Join Random this as we take on the issue of "Children of War" . Doing the research for this show has been... more
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