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Business Talk Radio with an all-star cast of Kevin Hunter, David Ford, Jeffrey O'Brien, and Allyson Lindstrom. Brilliant business advice and great guest interviews make TBFS Radio the finest Business Talk Radio show in digital media! Interviews and show segments include subjects from management to leadership, entrepreneurs and business owners, target marketing, ideal clients and unique selling proposition, social media, video channels, critical keys to business success, legal advice, team challenges, networking, building referral networks, traditional and home based business opportunities... TBFS Radio covers the challenges and success of small, medium, and large businesses. We discuss how the most successful companies use business coaching, specific social media strategies, business networking, and highly focused sales and marketing programs to get the success they are looking for in today's market. Tune in today!

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Problem solving skills are absolutely key to the future success of any business. If this is not one of your strengths, learning is not impossible if you really want to go after it. Join Kevin Hunter and David Ford on The Business Forum Show as we... more

Many different options exist for both employers and employees when it comes to retirement plans. However, the one thing that true of all the options, the worst things you can do it treat it like a piggy bank. These funds are not designed for... more

Business people aren't just dreamers, they are people who put their dreams into action. On The Business Forum Show today, we are going to discuss how to put life into your dreams through action plans and accountability. Why do we... more

From the time we enter kindergarten, we place importance on what other people think. Too MUCH importance. So much that it paralyzes us the older we get without a good way of dealing with it. What do you do when someone mocks you... more

Do you have any idea why 'Delaware Law' is talked about in business? Why would it have any impact whatsoever if you reside in Minnesota, or Texas, or any other state for that matter? Join Kevin Hunter and Jeff O'Brien on The Business... more

Chaos is just a part of life, and it's actually a part of every success you'll ever have too! Don't think so? Study the cycle of change, and you'll notice that inconvenient phase of chaos is never skipped. However, how it impacts you is... more

When we think of 'Who' we know that could help us, our attention is often turned to someone in power, a celebrity, a VIP in society. What we are ignoring in this thought process are all the people we keep around us. Our family, friends,... more

Many business owners turn to lawyers for advice in business, and it's a great thing. But is it the right move when the challenges pertain to profit and loss statements, and the daily running of the business operation? Not really. The... more

Join Kevin Hunter and Jeff O'Brien on The Business Forum Show as they discuss the impact of Administrative Dissolution on your business and why this problem is often overlooked. Many companies are unaware of the necessary filings... more

Jim Gilsrud from Dominion Builders talks about how he weathered the economic difficulties of 2008-2011, and the move he made to get a business coach involved in his company. Today, Dominion Builders has been restored to the... more
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