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First episode back after a long time off. This will most likely be a monthly show. There is a lot of great information to talk about, debate, and discuss this month. This episode we are going to talk about government, political process, Tyranny,... more

We have been gone for a few months, but are back! We have a new format, and we have a new perspective on what's going on in the States of America. We will have a 15-30 min test of the equipment and phone-lines. Callers call in... more

It seems my show got cancelled. This is a last minute scramble to get on tonight to tak about false flags and 9/11.

We will continue the discussion with TN flood victims. Guests will include Mr. Chris Buchanan who will talk about his point of view of the floods, and also his dealings with FEMA. We will also have Mr. Matt Wood of the Nashville based... more

This week we are going to talk with our very first guest in our shows history. Mr. Adam Lawrence and his family are victims of the flood rains in TN. He is also a local business owner and humanitarian to his community in the Nashville Area.... more

This episode we will be discussing the recent flooding in Tennessee and why there has been almost no media coverage. The facts about the Time Square attempted bombing, and local Florida news such as the Governor's move to... more

In this show we are going to go over the newly released documentary Invisible Empire. We will also discuss various topics from Naked Body Scanners, Public Servants Oaths, and Income Taxes.

We will be discussing the Constitution and the Spectrum Of Government. We will also be taking calls, and going over current news.

BETA TEST #2 will have a test call-in. Also, test the chat. If any callers call in after the test caller, then we will take those calls as well.