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Two opinionated females facilitating raw and unfiltered conversations about society's current trending issues.

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As our one year anniversary approaches, we would like to take a visit back to our very first episode. We want to thank everyone who has been a part of this journey!

How do you discipline your children? Are you a firm believer in the old school form of a good ass whooping or do you believe children can be raised well-mannered without ever laying a finger on them? Are parents going too far... more

Are you a self-proclaimed woman who doesn't NEED a man? Why or why not? Has society changed so much that women are the new leaders of the household? How does this affect the day to day operations of the household? Who's leading... more

Are you a proud and active cannabis user, or are you completely against it? Do you believe the entire United States should follow in the footsteps of the four other (and two pending) states who have legalized it all ready? Do you know... more

Shade, in itself defined by the urban dictionary is ?acting in a casual or disrespectful manner towards someone/dissing a friend?. It has moved from the drag culture or ?reading? someone and throwing shade to mainstream society.... more

Did Bill Cosby really do it? All the accusations out of no where….where do you stand on this issue? Do you think these are trumped up charges coming from a hidden agenda? Or do you believe the alleged victims in the case? Did he... more

What makes a woman cheat? In these days and ages women seem to be able to play the game just as men do. Have you ever been cheated on by your current or ex lady? What justifications did she try to give you? Have you even been the... more

Have you ever been cheated on? What reasons did they give you? Do you believe all men cheat? Have you ever cheated yourself? Can you honestly say your significant other pushed you to it or do you blame you and only you?... more

How do you feel about interracial dating? Are you a product of more than one race? Have you ever dated outside of your race and faced any issues? Do you see the soul and not the skin…or do you believe its offensive for the racial... more

What would you say if someone gave you 60 seconds to give your unfiltered response to the Darren Wilson case? Were you outraged? Embarrassed? How did you feel about the general reactions of the masses? We want to now! Call... more