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Two opinionated females facilitating raw and unfiltered conversations about society's current trending issues.

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Join the ladies of the brewery radio as they discuss in detail the ins and outs of the MEGA DC FASHION SHOW….Slayed : Mentally Stable, Fashionably Sick. Tune in as we discuss how and why we decided to have an event... more

The dating game done changed! The single life is a struggle now…between deciphering thirst and chivalry, spotting the opportunists and the liars…just to get to the one gentleman! Join us tonight at 9PM EST as we discuss the rocky... more

Have you stopped lately to look at what is going on in African American society? Light skin vs dark skin? Victims of retail? Police brutality? Gang violence and black on black crime? Fatherless children? Valueless men and women? What... more

Are you having a hard time seeing the signs? Maybe you are just in denial about your status..? One things for sure and two are for certain…if you have to constantly QUESTION where you are with your partner then the answer is quite... more

As media personalities it us our duty to speak against injustice and show support for causes sometimes. Tune in this Sunday as we discuss the genocide of our young black men. What happened to the time when black people... more

Why do good girlsssss….like bad guyssss??? Have you ever sat back and wondered exactly what it is that attracts seemingly ?good girls? to the bad boy? The dope boys, the street runners…the players and the... more

You ever notice that people stick their noses in situations that really doesn't involve them? Or how about those people that always want to involve themselves in sh!t that has NOTHING to do with them, even though they always seem... more

Join us as we discuss all things body image related. What struggles have you faced at your size? Big or small, we all face many day to day obstacles when it comes to what the world expects from us. Have you faced any hardships in... more

Tune in with us for our VENTING episode...we are encouraging everyone to call in and "TELL 'EM WHY YOU MAD SON"! POP OFF TIME! No matter how big or small, give us a call and let us know what grinds your gears! 6467168772!

It's's long overdue. Join us as we discuss the ins and outs (pun intended) of all things sexual. We will be sharing "fun facts" and unknown secrets about the sexual side of things. Call in with your questions and comments...but... more