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Two opinionated females facilitating raw and unfiltered conversations about society's current trending issues.

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How do you feel about interracial dating? Are you a product of more than one race? Have you ever dated outside of your race and faced any issues? Do you see the soul and not the skin…or do you believe its offensive for the racial... more

What would you say if someone gave you 60 seconds to give your unfiltered response to the Darren Wilson case? Were you outraged? Embarrassed? How did you feel about the general reactions of the masses? We want to now! Call... more

Are you involved in a three way relationship? Did your partner tell you that your relationship would be better if an outside person was brought into the bedroom or even the relationship as a whole? ORGY? Polygamy? Sister-wives?... more

With everything that has been going on in the media with the young man who claims he is no longer gay because he has "prayed it away and been cured.." we thought we would open our show to calls and thoughts on this issue. Can sexual... more

When did the term ?less is more? because relative to how much clothing a woman has to wer to be considered sexy? Does size really matter? What do men actually think is sexy and are we as women just confused? Join us this Sunday... more