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Living with RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) Guest: Twinkle Van Fleet

  • Broadcast in Health



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We are going to be covering two inexpensive, at home and effective therapy's. Mirrorbox Therapy and De-sensitization therapy for RSD limbs. Mirrorbox Therapy: AROM Mirror Therapy Inside the brain, there are maps of what the body looks like. Because of lack of movement/pain with CRPS these maps get rearranged to show something other than normal. Both AROM mirror therapy and GMI (Graded Motor Imagery) attempt to correct the maps to a normal look by using the brain's greatest contact with the outside world... the eyes. The mirror will trick the eyes that the affected limb is moving normal again and if practiced often enough, the map in the brain will begin to correct itself. AROM Mirror Therapy uses a technique called Active Range of Motion (AROM). AROM increases movement by initiating normal muscle to move the joint through whatever motion is possible. The counterpart to this is Passive Range of Motion (PROM) which is conducted by forcing the joint to a new position and is not recommended for CRPS therapy because most patients tend to resist this because of pain, and it will tend to increase the inflammation. With AROM mirror therapy YOU control the pace of advancing or increasing the therapy, not the therapist or doctor. Information provided by the Sacramento Pain Clinic and the Compass Center for Functional Restoration www.sacpainclinic.com