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Welcome to The Grumpy Gator Cafe'. Bob Zima, counselor, hockey fan and comedian, attempts to find healing after a variety of travels to Hell and Back. He starts a new, seeking the treasures of hope and healing . After purchasing a minor league hockey team, a dilapidated stadium with two tenants (other than the Pelicans Hockey Club) Bob finds himself as the proprietor of a café and a local radio station. The Bob Zima Show features stories and tales of Bob’s adventures as he becomes the resident lunatic, lover and poet of Tempesta di Merda, Florida. Most of this is true, well, more like wishful fantasy and fiction. Enjoy.

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Bob Zima was leading a dull and boring life. Then, he broke his foot while having sex with his wife. His rehab trigged the idea that he should buy a minor league ice hockey team, a delapidated old ice rink, a cafe' and radio station as a neans to improving the quality if his life. After that ricidulously bizarre and crazy move his life will never be the same. Follow the wacky and wild adventures of Bob Zima, a frequent flyer to hell and back, as he sets out on a joueny to find hope and healing. Live from The Grumpy Gator Cafe' in Tempesta di Merda, Fla. on his new radio station WTDM-AM 880 Bob spins the tales of his search for meaning while adapting to the bullshit of life.
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