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All Things Judy Blume

The Blume Saloon


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A hilarious sort-of book club with Alison & Jody, your new BFFs. They chat about all things Judy Blume – the patron saint of YA – and anything else that might pop into their heads: from bras and boners to nuclear fallout and Jazzercise. Join them every week as they dive deep into a few more chapters from a favorite Judy Blume novel!

On-Demand Episodes

The weird world of "Wifey" is getting wilder! In Judy Blume's groundbreaking 1978 novel about bleakest suburbia, Sandy get the Gon-Gon and has to notify all her lovers, Shep brings some soul-crushing real talk, Banushka goes for a ride, and... more

Sandy strikes out! Join Alison and Jody as they recap chapters 20-21 of Judy Blume's 1978 erotic novel, "Wifey." Secret motel liaisons, a rendezvous at The Cape, and quite possibly the first signs of a psychotic break. Jody develops a... more

Storm's a-brewin' in chapters 17-19 of Judy Blume's "Wifey"! Sandy gets crushed at the Club tournament, hijacks a golf cart, has an intense car-fight with Norm, and decides to give Shep a buzz. Meanwhile, Myra considers divorce and... more

Sandy's world gets more bizarre as Jody an Alison cover chapters 15-16 of Judy Blume's 1978 novel about a horny housewife. The twins get bogo rhinoplasties, Sandy has her date with Vincent X. Moseley and hunts for Shep, Myra finds out... more

Holy organza! Alison and Jody read through "Wifey" chapters 12-14, which contain THE raunchiest scenes ever re-enacted within the Blume Cocoon. Sandy goes commando and reconnects with Shep at the Club Formal, then gets the... more

It's a full house! Jody and Alison envelop author and Literary Death Match creator, Adrian Todd Zuniga, into the Cocoon to chat about his new book, "Collision Theory," his journey to becoming a bona fide novelist, and the time he HUNG... more

Our beefiest episode yet! Alison and Jody cover chapters 7-9 of Judy Blume's sexy, fantasy-filled adult novel, "Wifey." Sandy decides to be her best self on the eve of 1970, has a mind-blowing open marriage convo with Lisbeth, and spots... more

In chapters 4-6 of Judy Blume's scandalous 1978 novel, Wifey, Sandy Pressman evades a crew of expat swingers, finds a new way to entertain herself on the beach, and learns about ganja from her 10-year-old son. Norman continues to... more

Alison and Jody start a new book... WIFEY!!! Judy wrote it, her first adult novel, in 1978 above a Los Alamos donut shop and turned the literary world upside-down. The gals read chapters 1-3, present some 1970 deep cuts, and find... more