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Immortals Beyond the Illusion

The Blue Clique: Expression of Spirit


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Blue is the expression of spirit. Blue Clique is comprised of a group of individuals sharing ideas, and discoveries, of Spirit, through, open, honest, authentic talk. Here we are exploring the many facets of consciousness, Chakras, enlightenment, spirituality, soul, family, relationships, parenthood, mediation, growth, kundalini, metaphysics and more, on our journey to discover our authentic self.

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Hello Cliquers. We are testing out a new format. Short and (not so) sweet dialogue in bite sized doses. On This episode, we will focus on what creates the need for Black people to default to , "I forgive you," first, and not really dealing... more

God create man, and in turn, Man Created God. Join the Clique for this important discussion of how humans have reduced the idea of God into a box, by giving him human emotions, and charateritics and reducing God to something comfortable... more

Happy New Year? Do you follow the Gregorian calendar, or the natural cycle of the earth? Why are humans celebrating newness in the dead of winter? Join the clique as we explore how to make the most of the energy the winter season has... more

Join the Clique as we welcome Kilindi iyi to our show!!! Brother Kilindi will shine some light on the true meaning of Christmas and the introduce us to the profound implications that magic mushrooms have made on our reality.

Join the Blue Clique as we welcome Mr Twenty Twenty, as we discuss the power of the law of attraction and our divine power to create and manifest. Mr. Twenty Twenty has a powerful story of having a near death experience when he was... more

Join the Clique as we welcome Khi Armand into our forum to provide insight on a topic that holds much controversy in the melanated community. Yet, Hoodoo is a variation of a practical spirit science that we as melanin dominant people have... more

Let's continue the discussion of what we do on a conscious and subconscious level to attract those things in a partner that we either desire in ourselves, or those things that we say we don't want. Join us, call in, or just listen. its all fine... more

Your relationship not what you expected, but you have no idea what happened? We will discuss how deep seeded, subconsicious emotional programs and conditioning play a major role is how you choose a mate, and why you are... more

It sounds like a simple thing, wholeness that is undivided. It is also a very elusive quality. Emotional Integrity is having our heart, mind and will unified. When we are in our emotional integrity we can act without hesitation or doubt. The phrase... more

Join the Clique as we discuss a topic that is so intrensic to our experience that we take it as a absolute, hard and fast rule much like gravity. Human limitation to the garden variety human is like the water a fish finds itself in yet is totally unaware... more