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The Blue Clique is the communication of Spirit. Here we are exploring the many facets of consciousness, Chakras, enlightenment, spirituality, soul, family, relationships, parenthood, mediation, growth, kundalini, metaphysics and more, on our journey to discover our authentic self.

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Yep! We are cliqueing up once again with fellow blue cliquer the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Rene "PowerOfSoul" Hamilton! For a discussion on living from an enlightened stated vs. living soley from the human condition, what is source... more

Join The Blue Clique as we discuss spiritual views, perspectives and experiences become similarly "infected" by "conceptual contaminants" -- comprising a confused and immature relationship to spiritual principles that can seem as invisible and... more

Join the Clique as we have a round table discussion about relationships, how women may be sabotaging them by entering them with the fear of losing the man before you even have him. Many times people conduct their relationship... more

Join the Clique again as we engage in a relaxed conversation that explores the meem "opportunity cost" (the cost inharent with opportunity) and what affect it poses on ones personal development. Is it cognitively measured and weighed... more

Join the Clique as we welcome H Yuya Assaan-Anu back to our platform for what will be a monthly discussion with someone we consider one of the brightest stars of the "conscious community". In this episode we plan to discuss... more

On this show, we will discuss the pitfalls to spirituality, what is spirituality and why you may feel like you are failing at it. Join us for this powerful discussion

So, have you wondered if all of the things you are experiencing with your new found spirituality is really translating into you becoming closer to your authentic self? If so, this is the show for you. This show is about walking the talk! We set... more

Join the Clique once more as we continue our discussion centered around Steve Pavlina's "10 Reasons You Should Never Get A Job"!

Join the Clique as discuss and explore the social demands of getting a job (Just Over Broke) ie employment. Is it beneficial, deletarious, or a vital component of one's expansion to give large segments of time in exchange for currency? Come... more

S. Ali Myers is a Metaphysics teacher, writer, speaker, and counselor specializing in spiritual self-development Third Eye Activation (dot) com is a result of message receiving, gathering, interpreting and applying. Activating your third eye will... more