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Unapologetically conservative, the radio show is based mainly on a satirical political blog of the same name authored by Kevin Jackson. The show and the blog educate people on conservative politics, and takes a mainly satirical poke at liberals, though at times we find it necessary to "pimp slap" them too! So if you like good political conversation that transcends all areas of life, then you will probably like this show.

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Topics - 05-11-15 [SEGMENT 1-1] Mother's Day. 3 Killer storms are in the news…... 4 American Idol is ending…... 4 They had the funeral for the cop who was killed recently…... 4 Two more cops killed…... 4... more

Topics - 05-08-15. [SEGMENT 1-1] What have we forgotten?. 2 [SEGMENT 1-2] Bruce Jenner is bringing to light trans-sexual rights?. 3 [SEGMENT 1-3] How long have we been doing ?sensitivity training??. 3 [SEGMENT 1-4 thru 1-5]... more

Kevin Jackson takes a good look at Baltimore from many angles, sharing some surprising (and some not-so-surprising) statistics. This is a really eye-opening look at the long history of liberal leadership, and consequences. Don't miss it!

Kevin Jackson brings his unique commentary on "climate change", water, the minimum wage debate, a different approach to gun grabbing, the news, and more. Enjoy!

Kevin Jackson has a humorous and really great perspective on climate change, taking care of mother Earth, stupid people, recognizing lies, and more.

Kevin tackles the news, Hillary, Cuba, slave ownership in Ben Affleck's family, and much more.

Kevin talks about hypocracy, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and of course, Hillary's big announcement/big boring bucket list.

Kevin Jackson talks very candidly about being a conservative, covers the news, tackes race relations, and Obama vs. women.

Kevin Jackson comments on the Congresswoman offering $2,000 to turn in your assault weapons, essentially offering 3x what a rifle is work, for the sake of curbing crime. Kevin also talks about being pro-child, the big Hillary news, the... more

Kevin Jackson is back from a few days off, and talks about going to the Rand Paul event. He also covers the SC cop shooting, the California drought, Ferguson elections, the Apple CEO, and much more.
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