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A bunch of Black Geeks get together and chaos ensues as they discuss movies, television, comics, technology, video games, and all things Geek.

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You should listen to The Blacks Geeks. WHY? Because... well... we are Geeks, but we are funny yet insightful Geeks. We review the latest movies, some of the hottest shows (NO REALITY SHOWS), and we talk about cool stuff like phones and computers and tablets and Giant Robot Chickens. Well.. ok... we don't talk about computers. Wait… YES WE DO! Anywho... if you don't believe me... just listen to one of our previous shows in the achieve. We have a few gamers in the group. A lot of avid readers. Active movie goers. A DVR King. a Tech Mage. a Martial Artist. aSith Lord, a Survivalist. a Natural Disaster, Royality... and a pretty hyper Host. Check us please. I promise... we are non-fat, low calorie, gluten-free, but still pretty tasty. We won't cause tartar or bunions. So listen in and enjoy a trip to the GeekNation. Don't be alarmed... you have just reading a general placeholder. When we figure out what we are going to talk about for this show. We'll update it. Most likely. Honestly… we will update this. 60% chance… may 72%. Depends on the barometric pressure. Check out: Follow us on Facebook: The Black Geeks Follow us on Twitter: @TheBlackGeeks
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This was so not the show that we thought it was going to be. What started out as a casual comment about Blackish, turned into a pretty deep dicussion about the show and it's place in Black Culture. The conversation moved to a wide... more

Episode two of the new season of The Walking Dead has survivors back on the road. We talk about the episode. The Geeks complaint about the quality of NFL Football games. We talked about students who assult teachers and why this is... more

Your favorite bunch of weary travelers are back for another season. NOOOO... I'm not talking about Fred, Daphne, Verma, Shaggy, and Scooby. I'm talking about the those zombie killing, flower watching, head stabbing, trap settin',... more

On this Retro Episode of the The Black Geeks Radio Show, we are talking about the long coming demise of Saturday Morning cartoons. What happened to the days of waking up, grabbing a bowl, a box of cereal, a carton of milk, and a... more

On this episode of the Black Geeks we talk about all the great new shows that have kicked off this TV season as well as new some of the new shows that are debuting over the next couple of weeks. Tune in to get some of impressions and... more

Today we get some updates about Apple Pay's GROWING influence. There is a great deal of Geeky News to discuss. Get some fresh Geeky Perspective on the news of the day. Finally, Big Baba Rob has been working on a special report on... more

Last week Apple had a semi televised news conference covered and live tweets by our own Darth Geekonius. On the episode we get a complete download of all the nuggets that came out of the Apple Live Event. But we will also... more

On this episode we pick up where we left off, talking about the Evolution of Comic books.

With the opening of the Baltimore Comic Con only days away, The Black Geeks talk about their favorite books, how far comics of come, the social aspects of comics in the 21st century, paper vs. ereaders, and much much more in Part... more