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A bunch of Black Geeks get together and chaos ensues as they discuss movies, television, comics, technology, video games, and all things Geek.

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You should listen to The Blacks Geeks. WHY? Because... well... we are Geeks, but we are funny yet insightful Geeks. We review the latest movies, some of the hottest shows (NO REALITY SHOWS), and we talk about cool stuff like... more
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Some of the Geeks assembled to do some recon at Awesome Con. Get a report on the sights and sounds of AwesomeCon 2014. In the meantime, a splinter cell of the Geeks went to see a new movie starring Johnny Depp and Morgan... more

Join the Black Geeks as we discuss the Post East-coast airing of The Game of Thrones ( We'll talk about the who's, the what's, the "OHHHHH did you see that's", and get your comments about this... more

Today we talk about the Games of Thrones premiere last week. Windows XP Support ended this week. What does that people for you XP users. What can you do to protect yourself? Listen in a find out. We also have Sith News, A... more

The Black Geeks have an open discussion about the Game of Thrones Season Premiere on 04-06-2014.

Today we discuss the Season Finale of the Walking Dead. Did it meet the expectation of the Geeks? Could someone give Rick a Happy Meal? The Geek will also expend on their Review of Captain America The Winter Soldier.... more

You are in for a treat. For the first time, The Black Geeks record their movie review LIVE from outside the theater. Check out our review of Captain American: The Winter Soldier. In theaters... NOW! (

This is great show right here... The Walking Dead is about to end.... Game of Thrones is about to start... Winter Solider opens list week... and Facebook buy Oculus Rift for Two BILLION dollars. What does it mean for the gaming... more

"Just watch the flowers Lizzie!" We are talking about The Walking Dead. We just have to. Epic episode last week. What we did not expected was a full 97 minutes of Walking Dead conversation. We talking about the show and the comic.... more

PREPARE FOR TITANFALL!!!! Titanfall dropped this week and it made a HUGE splashed that rocked the gaming community. Several of the Black Geeks give their impressions of TitanFall, the gameplay, and it's impact on gaming. We'll... more