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The Blab Podcast is a gift from the fans for the fans, of all things movies, some comedy, some unintentional comedy & a unique collection/clique/group of horror/sci-fi/entertainment/movie/gaming fans who don't quite fit into a mold of any kind, so they made their own. There is everyone else, and then there are those people that don't quite really make sense. People that may never be in the same room together, or are likely to ever interact in life. That would be us. Join us as we dedicate about an hour of our lives during the dark late hours, coming together to give you all out blabbing. We talk to you live about everything movies/music/entertainment/etc. Not a typical guest/celebrity invite/structured show. Instead it is a show by the fans, some former fans, and random people who have nothing better to do at night, so they get together for their favorite hobby: blabbing. Join us for at times incoherent ranting, some structured topics that try to sound relevant, and all jokes aside, silly fun, as we celebrate people from all different backgrounds, colors & yes, IQ levels, all on one show, where they pretty much get to blab. Welcome to The BlaB (We are done for the run, and have presented quite a bit of material. May be back in the future. If not, enjoy the podcasts!) --absolutely no drama themed podcasts --equal opportunity podcasting

On-Demand Episodes

Final show for the run! We/I are absolutely, wholeheartedly, exhausted, tired, drained, FINITO/finished, spent, all the topics are out there, the fun, the silly, the serious, the relevant, the controversial, it's all there! We had an amazing year,... more

One of my last shows that i'm going to do this run is going to be on being a GEEK. Many of us have been called & considered geeks, dorks, & other names which could be taken in a negative way. I did some searches and I came across... more

One of the first shows that inspired me to even do podcasts was actually listening in to Aliens shows, the fact/fiction debate over UFO's,and many other things which are really arguable to the reality of such. I encourage you to take a listen as... more

Found quite a few amazing clips on the internet about animal rights, and it is rare to come across videos that really and truly capture this topic very seriously. I found one in particular that really touched me, so I will play it for you, and offer... more

This show has changed a few times by now, and it has settled on the topic of Feminism. Many people have their own opinions on such, and women everywhere are very passionate about this, including many women that I have had the... more

This show is going to offer clips, help, advice and methods on how to deal with difficult peoiple, and it will expose the different type of people out there with their own character/personality types, flaws, so on and so forth. I've already covered... more

Updates from COMIC CON: not a positive one This show mostly deals with coping/dealing with difficult people from professionals. I have gotten professional advice on how to change your life, move on, and deal with difficult people and I... more

This show was originally supposed to be about random life events, but the clips I found (for some reason most of them turned out this way), seem to have a religious/spiritual theme to them. However, the messages were still very... more

Tonight's show is all about haters, trolls, stalkers, and those types that for some reason or another pay the most attention to you, which goes above & beyond what normal people would have in their focus. The show also brings up a brief... more

I usually do not accept calls from private numbers, thank you, and I don't put people on air who waste my time/air time, or who want a debate. If you have nothing to add to the conversation/topic, don't shouldn't be calling in.... more