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The Bill Marlow Show features discussions related to management, leadership and personal achievement. Straight Talk 101 is an audio blog presented in an editorial format. Contact us at

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In #CORPORATE CULTURE tweet Book01, S. Chris Edmonds starts at the very beginning--by showing you how to recognize an organization's culture and identify what a healthy workplace culture looks, acts, and sounds like. This may sound... more

Jim is passionate about making other people better and more successful. This work creates the byproduct of making him better too. In fact that is his definition of Servant Leadership. It is not about the leader, it is simply about who is led.... more

Scott promotes the idea of identifying your "it" as the first step in the process of creating a fulfilling life. His book provides a map to finding your calling. In addition, Scott facilitates 'do IT groups' which leverage the power of other people to assist... more

The battle for customers is a daily challenge in every industry. What are you doing to leverage your position? Join Straight Talk 101 as we separate the simple from the easy.

Hourly employees are the lifeblood of many businesses. Keeping the good ones is always a challenge. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Join Straight Talk 101 for details!

There are two approaches in sales training. They tend to be either have the trainee prove they are motivated by encouraging 'activity' to train thenselves or the idea that a system will do a bulk of the training. Join Straight Talk 101 for an... more
The Bill Marlow Show

Jim Vogel of Woomer Insurance and Financial Services

  • by The Bill Marlow Show
WOW! The first word that came to mind after I ended my show with Jim Vogel. He shared some great insights into what he believes makes a person successful in work and in life. Jim is a big advocate of networking. He told us that it applies to... more
The Bill Marlow Show

Angel Lebak of Assistant Angel

  • by The Bill Marlow Show
We heard from Angel Lebak of Assistant Angel about her successful virtual assistant business. The first part of our talk was Angel talking about how she assists her clients manage their social media presence as well as their... more
The Bill Marlow Show

Leslie Flowers, Change Agent

  • by The Bill Marlow Show
I had Leslie Flowers on today for a talk about personal change and the obstacles people encounter on that path. We heard about limiting beliefs that all of us have that often started in childhood and young adulthood. The beliefs that tell you... more

Leslie Flowers will be with us to illuminate the concept of personal development. She will share her unique perspectives on the following: personal accountability, leadership, and responsibility. Leslie is a believer in doing the right thing... more