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Lorraine Cohen; CEO and founder of Powerfull Living, is an internationally recognized life architect, soul guide and minister, and healer. A powerful inspirational speaker, teacher, and charismatic broadcast personality, Lorraine uses her extraordinary spiritual and intuitive gifts to empower clients to release their emotional burdens, heal their hearts and deepen their connection with their spirit Unforgiveness affects every area of life; health, finances, business growth, relationships, well-being, and connection to your spirit. So often people believe they have forgiven, but they still harbor resentments, blame, regrets towards others, God and most specifically, towards themselves. This presentation will give you critical keys to bring the past to peace and liberate your loving heart. Learn the relationship between forgiveness a, struggle and scarcity, why you can't ?think yourself? into forgiving and what you MUST do to let inner peace and Grace and how to transcend the ?Blame Game? trap and allow love to guide you into creating your deepest dreams. Connect with Lorraine at: Connect with Deb at: http://www,
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Coach Jim Johnson and the story of his autistic high school student Jason McElwain (J-Mac). Stunned the world when he entered a basketball game in the dying minutes and proceeded to shoot light. This true story has captivated... more

You are Fabulous! Susan Campbell Cross will Prove it! Bestselling author of The FabYOUlist; Susan Campbell Cross is the lifestyle editor of SHAPE, OK! and Star Magazines, and is a contributor of The Daily Muse. Her articles have appeared... more

Lisa Tener is an award-winning book writing coach, author and speaker. Her clients have gotten 5- and 6-figure book deals with Simon and Schuster, Random House, Scribner's, HCI, Beyond Words and other major publishers, as well as... more

Angela Lenhardt helps people from all walks of life move beyond the obstacles and limitations they face, to have the kind of lives they have always wanted. She see's, feel's and hear's energy, and can connect with true ?higher... more

Donna Henes is a founding member and on the Board of Directors of the International Center for Celebration, and she served as a children's book award judge for the United Nations Jane Addams Peace Association, she... more

According to Mandy Evans we live in a world of abundance and infinite opportunities. But self-defeating and limiting beliefs often prevent us from being happy and realizing our dreams—or even daring to have them. The... more

Cari Murphy, bestselling author and award winning media host. combines her unique experience of years as a clinical counselor and psychologist, with her near death experience and certified professional/ spiritual coaching to help tens of... more

Sarah Atereth is a #1 hit global recording artist, founder of Beguile Records, inspirational speaker, coach and thought leader. Sarah has been on the cover of Radio & Records Magazine & Music Week. Sarah is proud to be one of the... more

Dr. Ben Michaelis is a clinical psychologist in full-time private practice in Manhattan and is a visiting scholar at Columbia University's Teachers College. Dr. Michaelis is the co-founder of the Downtown Clinicians Collective, one of New... more

Thomas John (The Manhattan Medium) is an internationally regarded psychic medium and clairvoyant, as well as a published author and life coach, who has conducted hundreds of readings around the world. Known for his accuracy and... more
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