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Wayne Scot Lukas: Hollywood Stylist to the Stars! Up Close and Personal

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Meet Wayne Scot Lukas!

Wayne has an unparalleled reputation for fashion styling, and has worked with some of the world's biggest celebrities and most glamorous women. His client list reads like an entertainment and music industries' Who's Who: Janet Jackson, Tina Turner, Cindy Crawford, Christie Brinkley, Lauren Hutton, Halle Berry and Glenn Close and Meryl Streep, to name a few.

Born in Bergenfield, NJ, Wayne starred in TV commercials as a child model. Later he trained at the Pratt Institute, studying graphic design, before becoming a celebrity fashion stylist.

"Stylist to the Stars" Wayne has been honored to have his costume designs in The Metropolitan Museum of Art's "Rock Style"exhibit,which traveled the globe. Wayne has been nominated for the coveted VH-1 Vogue Fashion Award for "Most Stylish Video," havinge won awards on MTV, BET and VH-1.

Wayne's work as a fashion stylist can be seen on the editorial pages of many magazines including: Elle, Arena, Marie Claire, Us, People, W, Vibe, Premiere, Entertainment Weekly, Italian and British Vogue, and Harper's Bazaar, among others.

Wayne Scot Lukas is now widely recognizable to the general public for having been the co-host/stylist of the new hit TLC fashion intervention show "What Not To Wear."

Wayne is currently in the process of releasing his first book on style tips, a line of lingerie and body shapers, and a new television production company.
Learn more about Wayne Scot Lukas at Wayne Scot Lukas


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0:04 Deb Scott

Well, hello, everybody, and welcome to The Best People We Know Radio Show where we bring you celebrities and experts every week - the best people who share their success secrets with you so that you can do the same, so that you can be your happy best too.

0:20 Deb Scott

I'm your host, Deb Scott, certified professional coach, and author of the award-winning book, The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue: Turning your upside down world right side up! And we are going to do some of that today with our guest.

0:35 Deb Scott

But before I forget, make sure that you mark us as a favorite and follow us, because even though our shows are usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays, every now and then when we're really honored to have a guest like we have today, we'll do a special show. For example, today's Friday, so we'll do a special show because these celebrities and guests are good enough to fit us into their busy schedule.

1:00 Deb Scott

So, without further adieu, I want to tell you -- I can't even -- I could take the whole show just to tell you about Wayne Scot Lukas because has just done so many things. I mean he just squeezes the juice out of living. And we're going to have so much fun today with him. But I'll give you a short bio so that you can get a feel.

1:20 Deb Scott

Wayne has an unparalleled reputation for fashion styling. He's worked with some of the world's biggest celebrities and most glamorous women. His client list reads like an entertainment and music industry who's who -- Janet Jackson, Tina Turner, Cindy Crawford, Christie Brinkley, Lauren Hutton, Hali Barry, Glenn Close, Meryl Streep, and we are just naming a few.

1:43 Deb Scott

Wayne was born in Bergenfield, New Jersey, and he did star in TV commercials as a child model. Later he trained at the Pratt Institute studying graphic design before he became a celebrity fashion stylist. He is known as stylist to the stars, and Wayne has been honored to have his costume designs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rock Style exhibit, which travels the globe. Isn't that unbelievable? I mean this guy has just done everything under the sun. Wayne has been nominated for the coveted VH1 Vogue Fashion Award for--

2:16 Wayne Scot Lukas

I want to meet him.

2:17 Deb Scott

--most stylish. I'm still talking about you. You've got to let me finish your beautiful bio here.

2:24 Wayne Scot Lukas

I'm dying to meet him. I want to date him.

2:29 Deb Scott

He's also been a fashion stylist. He can be seen on editorial pages of many magazines -- Marie Claire, Us, People, VI, Premiere, Entertainment Weekly. He's in every country in every language. He's widely known right now to the general public for having been the co-host stylist of TLC's intervention show, What Not To Wear. And he has books and Lukas-style clothing, and he has just done everything, and Wayne Scot Lukas, hello. Thank you for being with us today.

3:01 Wayne Scot Lukas

So glad to finally be here with you. Isn't it exciting? I want to date that guy. He sounds great. Is he available?

3:09 Deb Scott

Oh my God, I know-- Go ahead.

3:13 Wayne Scot Lukas

When you hear the bios, I mean I see so many people that believe their own hype and they believe their own bios. But the funniest thing is when you start to be ordinary in an extraordinary life is when you really start to live, isn't it?

3:26 Deb Scott

It really is. And this is why I am really honored to have you on as a guest. Because one of the things that I just love about you , you are big and famous and handsome and all of those--

3:36 Wayne Scot Lukas

Oh, thank you.

3:36 Deb Scott

--great things that people see on the outside. But you know on the inside you are so real, you're so authentic, you have great faith, which a lot of people may not know and you're going to share your story with us. But you have so much depth, and you really are a person that loves life and everybody that you meet in it. And the genuineness that you have is really humbling and refreshing. And you have a good sense of personality - you're fun.

4:02 Wayne Scot Lukas

I love you for that. I think that you're born with all the magic in you, and then I think that the magic gets beaten out of you, gets pulled out of you, gets bullied out of you, gets abused out of you, and you really have to choose in this lifetime. My therapist said, some people may never choose to heal. You really have to choose to heal. And you really have to really pull back on your faith of who God, or whatever you want to call it. I don't even judge. If it's Buddha, whatever, if it's the universe, you have to pull on where your faith really is, because you honestly can't do this alone.

4:37 Wayne Scot Lukas

And it's not just friends, and it's not just a boyfriend or a wife or a partner. It really is having some faith that when tragedy strikes and you really understand. Rock bottom doesn't mean you can't buy a diamond ring. Rock bottom means you're groveling on the ground, scratching your fingernails in the dirt saying, do I want to live or do I want to die? And when you get to that point and you have to reach out and make a choice-- someone said, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. My word is what doesn't kill us let's us choose if we want to live and be stronger.

5:09 Deb Scott

That is so great. That's got a good flavor to it. I think that a lot of people listening, and Wayne, I have to say, we've got people waiting in the lines to speak with you. We have a really busy chat room, and I just want to thank all the listeners for being here.

5:26 Wayne Scot Lukas

We have no time. We only have a half an hour.

5:28 Deb Scott

I know.

5:29 Wayne Scot Lukas

Oh, my God!

5:29 Deb Scott

I can't believe -- we'll have to have you back on, Wayne.

5:32 Wayne Scot Lukas

Well, yes. You'll have to have you guys on and talk faster so we can get people in.

5:38 Deb Scott

I know. Oh my goodness. I can't believe it. Hey, we're all the best people we know, so we've got to all be here together. One of the things that you had just mentioned in that in talking about how you live your life, and you do walk your talk, I think a lot of people listening do not understand that you lost a real loved one to suicide this year--.

5:59 Wayne Scot Lukas


6:01 Deb Scott

Yeah. And you know, I know it's hard and here we are coming upon the holidays and everything. But sometimes I think people would look at you and say, oh well, he's got it all. He's got the money and the fame and the looks and this and that. He doesn't have problems. I think what you can share right now with us as we're listening is from your heart, you know what, you suffer a lot of pain, and losing someone to suicide is devastating. Can you talk to us--

6:29 Wayne Scot Lukas


6:29 Deb Scott

--about that?

6:31 Wayne Scot Lukas

I thought the only way to heal from my best friend, Merle Allen's death. He was going to be a famous photographer this year. We went out for about a year, and he then was my business manager and my partner, my business partner. There were no signs. My therapist said there were no signs. I mean, if there were signs, we would have done all we could to try to love him, because as people need to know, you can't save someone from suicide. You can't blame yourself for it happening. I can finally talk about it.

6:56 Wayne Scot Lukas

I did a radio interview a month into it and I cried the whole interview. I can talk about it clearly now, but I'm saying, they say finding someone who has committed suicide, a loved one, is likened to living through the Holocaust, and you'll never forget that image. And Merle knew that I was a visual person, and he was very upset when he killed himself. And a person said to me, he gave you an image that you will never forget for the rest of your life. I found him hanging in my garage. And I will tell you--

7:23 Deb Scott

Oh, my God.

7:25 Wayne Scot Lukas

--it was shocking, it was heart wrenching. I lost my soul, I thought, and I couldn't find who I was. One day I was driving to New York and it was about three weeks in after he passed away, and I said I have to go to the therapist, I've got to get to talk to someone. I was driving to the city, and I've driven to the city for 30 years, and I couldn't find the exit to Manhattan. And I called my mom, and I said to my mom, mom, just please tell me my name. I just need to know my name.

7:56 Wayne Scot Lukas

I couldn't even pull on the strength. And that's when my life shifted back to remembering that God is there. I'm not alone. And you know what, the fact that you lose one of the best, closest people to you that you really love-- he was my confidante and my very best friend. It was so horrific, but you know what, seven months later I'm actually starting to see the light again outside of the tunnel. And you know, really what I learned from Merle is don't look at celebrities, don't look at people and think their life is better than mine, their life is greater than mine. Look at Wayne, how fabulous-- when Merle passed away, it locked up bank accounts. I struggled financially. I couldn't see the light at night. I left my lights on every night in my bedroom for six months. I couldn't sleep in the dark anymore I was so scared. So the post traumatic stress of living through the suicide.

8:51 Wayne Scot Lukas

A friend of Merle's, actually, lost her niece to suicide and she called me and she gave me the web address of American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The minute I went there and I read "it wasn't my fault," I couldn't saved him, that I was still loved. And I learned also to learn the levels of grief. The levels of what you go through for grief was amazing. I have a therapist, April Martin, in New York City, she called me every half an hour the first day, she called me every hour the second day. The third day she called me every hour and a half. And then she'd spread it out to three hours and four hours and five hours.

9:29 Wayne Scot Lukas

And I thought I would never have made it without praying. And I couldn't even pray the first three days because I thought I saw evil when I saw what I saw. He hung himself in my garage, and I found him with an extension cord around his neck, and I really thought I had seen the worst evil of my life. And I couldn't even find God in that.

9:49 Wayne Scot Lukas

It's very important for people with faith to understand when the world is falling apart and you can't find God, you can't find him, he's sitting right next to you, and you're looking in the all the wrong places. You've got to look they God is right here next to you saying, OK Wayne, you've turned to everybody else, when are you going to turn to Me? That is when I really was able to find that-- I went to a psychiatrist because I couldn't sleep, and he said you need something to sleep. But he said, Wayne, the only way-- and he was a religious psychiatrist with a spirituality. And he said the only way to get through is to get through.

10:26 Wayne Scot Lukas

If you medicate, if you do antidepressants-- I think you're going to make it, Wayne. And if you do any of these things it'll take you longer to get through. My mom came down and she said, you're not leaving this house. This is your home. If you leave this house and come back six months, you're going to have to deal with all the fear then. So my mom came down, and I didn't do any pills, any medication. I took something to sleep a couple of nights because I was so scared. And the only way through is through. Heavy meditation, heavy prayer.

10:56 Wayne Scot Lukas

And I'm going to say this again. Sometimes in the worst moments, you cannot pray. And the Bible tells you drop to your knees, and I know all the verses, and I went to born again Christian school, and I've done it all. But the fear is so huge. And then the thing that saved me, as basic as it was, is cast your cares upon Him; He will supply all your need. Cast your cares upon God and He will supply all your need.

11:21 Wayne Scot Lukas

And that doesn't mean give him two things and try to handle everything else. It meant give it all away, because when you're groveling and your down on the floor and you're wailing to God, because I was on my knees the day that I found him. When you are doing that, you really want to kind of understand give it all to God, because I had nothing else left. I had family and friends and loved ones, but it felt like I was alone in the world and that I didn't want to live myself.

11:49 Wayne Scot Lukas

So to make it through -- and remember, during all this, Wayne Scot Lukas, celebrity fashion stylist, is going out and styling Christie Brinkley. And he's running over and he's styling another job, and he's going to seven meetings, and he's fighting with lawyers, and he's fighting with accountants. You know, making deals. I had to keep living even though I was dead inside. I couldn't find my center. I couldn't find who I was. And the best thing about that is if I had trusted God, that actually had me doing business more gentle.

12:21 Wayne Scot Lukas

What I learned from Merle's suicide was I have got to be more gentle with people on a daily basis, on a minute-to-minute basis, because I don't know, Deb, what you're going through today, I don't know what someone on Facebook is going through today, I don't know what my brother is going through today. So I try to show up gentle, and if people disappointment me and if they hurt me, or if someone cuts me off in the car, it takes a lot for someone like me who's an A personality, but I just kind of go, OK, just got to keep going. Because the minute that I got happier after Merle's suicide, people decided that I was OK. They were so happy to make me OK.

12:57 Wayne Scot Lukas

Best friends left my side. A friend named Kim left, a friend named Erin left. They just-- and a friend named Alison left, and they did me dirty. I noticed that people that came to my side immediately after the suicide were people that were more looky-loos. They wanted to know that I was OK so that they were going to be OK. And I really learned that many people don't have the compassion or the ability to support you in the death of someone else. I always say funerals and Seder, those things are for the living. When people tell me, oh I don't like funerals, I'm not going. You go for the living. The living needs it so bad.

13:34 Wayne Scot Lukas

So, to sum that all up, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention opened my eyes, and people sent me all kinds of suicide books, religious and not religious. Danielle Steele's son killing himself and all these things. But one book was really amazing. It was about a woman whose husband was a famous doctor killed himself and it was about her journey. And when I read that book I knew I wasn't alone. I knew that I wasn't alone and I knew that there are thousands and thousands of people that commit suicide, and there is more than 10 to 15 people who are affected by everybody that commits suicide. So the rest of the people are left alone. We're left alone to pick up the pieces, and I had to pick up the pieces of my business.

14:14 Wayne Scot Lukas

So as fabulous as it looks on the outside, the struggle the last seven months-- I've watched my business crash, I watched finances crash, I watched the economy crash. And I kept saying, OK, what am I going to do? I'm going to cast my cares upon God. He's going to supply all my need. And all I'm doing every day is showing up. And then when I got out and I style Christie, Christie Brinkley, I remember who I am. I remember that I love this person and I love to make her pretty, and that's my job and it's exciting and I'm actually still Wayne. So that death didn't take that away from me.

14:46 Wayne Scot Lukas

So for anybody that see signs, that you can go to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and look it up for the signs of suicide. When someone jokes about it, when someone makes a comment about it. You pay attention, love people more, take the shame out of telling your mom when you hang up the phone I love you. Take the shame out of telling your child, hey, I'm thinking about you today and I love you. Don't be embarrassed to tell people you love them. Open up the flood gates across everything.

15:13 Wayne Scot Lukas

And I've been a jerk. I've been the egocentric, crazy stylist who thought I was fabulous. I thought I was the most fabulous thing in the world and nobody else mattered. I have been beaten down to the ground to learn that everybody matters so much. And we really all are one. So when I abuse-- I'm abusing myself, when I put down I'm putting down myself.

15:37 Wayne Scot Lukas

We're all one here, guys. We have to all stick together. And it's like if you don't show up-- I can talk about fabulous, I can talk about doing the Superbowl-- we're not going to talk about that, it's kind of illegal. I can talk about doing Janet Jackson for the Superbowl. I can talk about seeing Christie last week going to a premiere and being so proud of how she looked. But what I think is important is that we all talk about everything. We talk about everything. We talk about what hurts. We don't cover up what's fabulous. We don't only say that we had a great dinner last night, we talk about how hard it was to pay for that dinner. It's like all the things that we do.

16:14 Wayne Scot Lukas

Someone told me, my therapist said, Wayne, please let somebody hit the tennis ball to you before you hit it back. Don't go on a date and send flowers right away. Let somebody take care of you for a minute. The codependent behavior that led up to what happened with Merle, and not really seeing what he was doing because I was trying to save him.

16:30 Wayne Scot Lukas

So, Merle's legacy to me is, and I hope to the world-- and Oprah had said to me, you want to do things so that his life wasn't lived in vain. No matter what he did, his life isn't going to be lived in vain if you show up better and you talk and talk and talk about this. And you talk about the shame, and the exhaustion, and me being totally broke after he died, couldn't pay the gas bill, couldn't pay the electric bill, had too much shame to ask anybody for help because I was Wayne Scot Lukas, the fabulous celebrity stylist. I didn't need help. Little did I know, payment plans had been set up on all my bills by Merle and I couldn't pay the bills.

17:08 Wayne Scot Lukas

So here I was at the bottom of the cavern and you know, I'm going to tell you something, some days I'm still there. Some days I wake up and it's dark. But it takes me two minutes-- and this is what I do in bed in the morning. I do a meditation at night to go to bed, and in the morning when I wake up and it's dark-- I don't mean dark out, I mean dark in my heart-- I start thanking God not for the things I have. I thank Him for the things I don't have. I thank Him for the things that I possibly didn't need. I thank Him for simple things like the heat. I thank God for the electric. I thank God for the song that played on the radio that reminded me of Merle this morning.

17:47 Wayne Scot Lukas

So if you start to thank God for the ability to eat, the ability to care for someone else, you're going to start shifting your world this holiday. You know, I was scared. I said OK, since Merle died, the money's really tight, but I've got to do my fabulous Wayne Lukas holiday for everybody. And I said actually I don't. The way to do the fabulous holiday for everybody is to show up.

18:10 Wayne Scot Lukas

And when you're really feeling bad about this holiday season and you feeling like you're falling apart, go out and give something to someone else, whether it be a smile or love or a parking space at the mall, go give something. Say something kind in your Facebook status. Say something kind on a blog. That's going to shift your world, because the truth of the matter is we all are one, and we really are all we have.

18:33 Wayne Scot Lukas

This is all we got. So as the economy falls apart and the government falls apart and the world falls apart, look at your neighbor right across the street and go, that's all I got. That's all I got, that's all I really have today. And when you start really having nothing, when you get to the point that it was after Merle died, and you look around and think, God almighty, I've got nothing, you have so much. You have the ability that we can talk on a phone back and forth and reach millions of people. You have the ability to go down the street and see the kid that needs help that fell off the bike and picked him up. It's all those little things. I'm telling you, the world is going to shift back to the little things that are going to make the big things more valuable, because the big things don't matter.

19:15 Wayne Scot Lukas

I'm going to say one last thing about this. We all live lives, and I know many people listening who I know are going through this right now, going, when I get the next big deal I'm going to be OK. And when I sign this contract my life is going to be better. And if I just got this job I'd be OK. And once I get that check in-- No! You've got to be OK today. You've got to be OK today with what you have right now in your pocket.

19:37 Wayne Scot Lukas

And I'm telling you, I'm not talking fabulous, and if someone is saying oh yeah, listen to him, he's got millions of dollars. I don't. I did. I have had. I may have again. I don't. I may have $100 today to go out and last me for a couple of days until I get another check because I'm freelance. But you know what, that $100 has to feed my dog that's dying of cancer and he has to get his food cooked for him, and it has to pay for his Amantadine pills today that are $84. So you know what, we really are all in the same boat. And in that boat, how do we reach out? How do we have no shame and say to the pharmacist, can I get half a prescription? How do we say to the grocer, can I write you a check, but can you hold until Friday? Guys, I come from nothing in New Jersey. Someone said would you work for $500 a day? I said, since when is $500 a day not a lot of money? And she said, well you usually make $10,000 a day. I said yeah, but trust me, I'll work for $200 a day. I'll work for $50. I'll sweep the floor and I'll dress you because I want to be with you today.

20:41 Wayne Scot Lukas

That's my legacy to Merle. He's made me a kinder person, he's made me a gentler person. And I may fail sometimes, and I may freak out sometimes, and I may say the wrong thing sometimes, but you know what, I'll apologize immediately and I'll notice what I did wrong.

20:56 Wayne Scot Lukas

So I'll say one last thing. What I learned from Merle is a couple of months ago, about six months in, I went oh, my God, someone said Merle's going to give you a horrific blessing. This is going to be like the holy criminal, like when Jesus came into the temple and cleaned out the temple and said don't bed in my Father's house. And then he apparently, to many of us, He saved the world.

21:17 Wayne Scot Lukas

What Merle did for me shifted my whole viewpoint of how I'm supposed to show up in this world. And Merle gave me a gift that-- it's so hard to talk about calling this a gift. Merle gave me a gift that I'll never, ever forget, and it was probably the most precious gift that I ever experienced from another human being and I'm a better person for it. And I can't believe I could even say that because I miss him so much. OK, that was my--

21:44 Deb Scott

Wayne, you know, I have to tell you, I'm sure that I am speaking for everybody in the chat room and all of the callers that have been waiting here to speak with you. I am just blown away, and my heart is to my feet. And your honesty and you sharing this, I am overwhelmed and I can't thank you enough, because, you know--

22:11 Wayne Scot Lukas

What am I going to get if I'm not honest? What am I going to get to my legacy to the world when I leave if I make believe, oh, yeah! hey, Deb, it's Wayne. I'm styling a celebrity today and I'm spending thousands of dollars on someone's dress and I'm doing the Oscars. You've all heard that. Everybody listening has heard that.

22:29 Wayne Scot Lukas

But what you haven't heard is people that you think are being fabulous being truthful. Because every single one-- I was with Meryl Streep one day and she said, Wayne, she goes, it's tough right now. She goes, I haven't done a movie in a year and a half. I've got expenses. And I'm thinking people think celebrities are fabulous, but you know what? One movie for $4 million doesn't pay for that lifestyle for five years.

22:53 Wayne Scot Lukas

So the process is everyone is one, we all love each other, or we can, and we can actually open up the floodgates of like how to really connect in this planet to make this better. And now as we talk about style for the rest of the show and we talk about fashion, it's great. And that's the icing on the cake to the foundation that we create by loving each other. OK, go.

23:19 Deb Scott

No. I'm reading the comments talking about your strength, the miracle, the transparency, being a survivor. I'm looking at every single line of people that want to talk to you. And are probably changing their life and their holiday forevermore because of your honesty and knowing that they're not alone. And your inspiration to refresh their soul is a priceless gift that they're getting today by you having the kindness and the graciousness to be on with us and share your story. I don't know how I'm going to take all these calls, Wayne. We've only got--

23:58 Wayne Scot Lukas

The thing is--

23:58 Deb Scott

--15 minutes left.

23:58 Wayne Scot Lukas

It's Merle--

23:59 Deb Scott

Did you know that?

23:59 Wayne Scot Lukas

Yeah, but it's OK. It had to be said, it's Merle and God talking through me. It's not me, and I don't feel fabulous. I remember watching Ghandi and he talked about how-- they talk through you. And you just-- if you stay open, I'll tell you this really quick. They can find me at waynescotlukas.com, W-A-Y-N-E-S-CO-T-L-U-K-A-S.com If anybody is contemplating suicide, if anybody wants to talk about having passed away or lost a child or a husband or a lover from suicide, go to my website, I'll talk. Because the most important thing is I talked. I talk.

24:36 Wayne Scot Lukas

If you want some fabulousness, I'm going to spend the afternoon at Vanessa Noel in New York City and I'm going to go to her holiday bazaar shopping for a celebrity. And then I'm going to hop over to HSN, and I'm going to shop for-- Carol Brody has this new diamond bracelet that I think is really cute and I don't really have a cash, but I'm going to tell my mom I want it for Christmas. And that's going to be my day.

24:57 Wayne Scot Lukas

But you can reach out anywhere to find me if you want to talk about suicide, you want to talk about fashion, you want to talk about things, and I'm available. I'm not an unavailable, I hate to say celebrity. I'm not an unavailable person. I spoke to Colleen last week, and what I learned from Colleen was that woman's a love. And Colleen taught me how to survive those shopping channels. She taught me how to be a better person. I didn't shut up today, but if you shut up and you be quiet and you listen, the answers are out there.

25:30 Deb Scott

Yeah, no, and I do want to take a second to thank Colleen Lopez, who was a guest on the show. She's on HSN, a wonderful human being. A great host. And she came on the show and that's how I met you, and I just am really amazed at how people that really are caring individuals from the heart about other people, they're out there. And people like you and Colleen that make the world amazingly better for all of us.

25:56 Deb Scott

Wayne, we've only got four minutes and I'm glad that you gave the Facebook page and all the ways to connect with you, because I'm not going to be able-- I mean, the phone lines. I've got 9038, 433, 107, 322, 121, 111, 901, 819. The phone lines are packed and people waiting to speak with you, and I'm not going to be able to get-- I'm not going to be able to get with everybody because we've only got a couple minutes.

26:20 Wayne Scot Lukas

Are there any 631's?

26:23 Deb Scott

Let's see, I haven't seen a 631. I've got everything under the sun here, Wayne. I guess we have to apologize to the people that we didn't get to. We're going to have to have you back on, Wayne.

26:34 Wayne Scot Lukas

I guess for business I'll tell you this. I'm going to come back on. I am going to -- you can reach me at waynescotlukas.com. You can get my Lukas style clothes still at whattowearonmain.com. Not what not to wear, but whattowearonmain.com. And stay in touch with me. And ladies and men, don't disappear. Reach out. Reach out. Reach out. Reach out.

26:56 Wayne Scot Lukas

And you know what, this holiday I'm going to tell you something. Forget that it's the holiday. Remember that people need love. We need love. You know what we need more than love? God, everybody this year needs hope. Wake up in the morning and be thankful for your heat, be thankful for your food, be thankful that you could put a little bit of gas in your car. Be thankful that you're alive. And you know what, you're going to start seeing the world a different way.

27:21 Wayne Scot Lukas

It's a choice. We choose to live. Merle chose to die. My ex-partner and my best friend chose to die. My dog got diagnosed with cancer four months after Merle died, and he was supposed to be dead in two days. He's choosing to live. He's four months cancer surviving now, and any day it could be, but you know what? Choose to live. Choose to live for this holiday. Choose to show up. And if you feel like you're going to fall off the wagon, call me, email me, go to my website, talk to me, because I will show up and I will answer your questions. Or go through Debbie--

27:56 Deb Scott

Yeah, and you do--

27:57 Wayne Scot Lukas

I'll do that.

27:58 Deb Scott

--you're amazingly accessible. And an inspiration and hope. One minute left. I just want to apologize to everybody that's waiting to speak with Wayne. I'm so sorry that I can't get to you. I'm looking at the board and it's just lit and lit and lit. But you can--

28:16 Wayne Scot Lukas

Let's talk the next show.

28:16 Deb Scott

--all find Wayne. Yeah. The next show. We'll have to schedule more time, but please connect with Wayne on Facebook and meet him there. I just can't thank you enough for taking the time to share who you are and what you're about. And helping us be better people, and to appreciate things. The love in your heart is really a brilliant shine that I know we're all blessed with, Wayne. I can't-- I am just-- I'm just overwhelmed at how much you shared--

28:47 Wayne Scot Lukas

I love you.

28:48 Deb Scott

--and I know that everybody else is.

28:50 Wayne Scot Lukas

Take the shame-- take the shame out of sharing love. Take the embarrassment out of telling someone that she's pretty or that some lady has a pretty smile. Take the embarrassment out of being shy of connecting. This holiday connect, connect, connect. Don't believe what your parents said as adults. You can talk to strangers as adults, and you can reach in and touch somebody's heart with your little finger like E.T. and you can actually change somebody's life in the next two minutes today. When you get a mean call from a bill collector, the way you react to them, you can actually change-- you can change the world by reacting in a different way. So choose--

29:28 Deb Scott

Oh, my goodness.

29:28 Wayne Scot Lukas

--life today.

29:30 Deb Scott

Well, listen, you-- with 30 seconds left, we--

29:34 Wayne Scot Lukas

Choose life!

29:34 Deb Scott

--are lucky people. Yes, and you've changed our life. And I just want to thank you again. Having you back on the show is an absolute must. Please, everybody, connect with Wayne on Facebook and find him, and let him know you listened today. And share the journey with Wayne, because he is a miracle and we are blessed to have you. And thank you so much for being part of the show today, Wayne.

29:57 Wayne Scot Lukas

I think I heard you cry, Deb.

29:59 Deb Scott

I am really choked up right now. I've got to tell you I am really choked up. And I just want to thank you with lots of love, and for everybody listening. We're going to have to have you come back on. And thank you for being the blessing--

30:12 Wayne Scot Lukas


30:12 Deb Scott

--because you've blessed my life and I know you've blessed many others.

30:15 Wayne Scot Lukas

I'm glad you're alive, and I chose to live. I hope you all choose to live also.

30:20 Deb Scott

All right. And thank you, everybody, and thanks for listening. Meet Wayne on Facebook and God bless you, and we'll see you next week on the Best People We Know Radio Show. Thank you.

30:30 Wayne Scot Lukas

Deb, you're devastated.

30:34 Deb Scott

I'm choking up here. I am just crushed. All right. I can't believe-- that's it. The show stopped streaming, so we're off the air. I am overwhelmed. I can't thank you enough for being on the show. You've got to come back on. I had--

30:52 Wayne Scot Lukas

Anything you want.

30:52 Deb Scott

--more lines lit. I think there's still a few hanging out in the chat room and on the lines and the phones waiting to speak with you.

30:59 Wayne Scot Lukas

Where's the chat room? I'll go there if you want me to.

31:02 Deb Scott

Still on. I wonder if I can take this-- I mean I don't know--

31:05 Wayne Scot Lukas

Take it. Let's take it and give it to us.

31:07 Deb Scott

819, 918. I know we're off air streaming. Let's see if this person can come on. It's on. Is that 819? I don't think that I can right now. I think we are off the air, so I can't answer the calls. There's so many people that wanted to speak with you, Wayne. And they're still waiting on the lines. They're not going away. Just hanging on.

31:29 Wayne Scot Lukas

Isn't that funny? Well, is there a chat room that I could go to and speak to them?

31:33 Deb Scott

Well, I can't because they have us off the air now because the show closed. I can't connect with anybody. Yup, everybody's--

31:40 Wayne Scot Lukas

Is there a chat room?

31:41 Deb Scott

It's over. It's gone. It went. It's gone.

31:45 Wayne Scot Lukas

Oh, so the chat room only opens during the show.

31:48 Deb Scott


31:49 Wayne Scot Lukas

Oh, that's bad. We should do something bigger. We should do an inspirational show. We can Skype and talk to people, and we could have had a million people even signing up and paying to talk to us, you know.

32:00 Deb Scott

[LAUGH]. I've got to tell you. That was a therapy session for me. I don't know about anybody else. I am literally-- I was crying as I was listening to you only because pain does not know gender, it doesn't know age, it doesn't know race or color. And suffering is something that crystallizes souls like nothing else. I am overwhelmed at who you are, and the fact that you were this transparent. But you are going to change people's lives, because there are people suffering the same--

32:32 Wayne Scot Lukas

Every day

32:32 Deb Scott

--thing that you have.

32:33 Wayne Scot Lukas

--out there. And other things, you know?

32:36 Deb Scott

Yeah. And so much. I know that you've made a difference, and that's big brownie points in heaven, not that you need any more.

32:45 Wayne Scot Lukas

Thank you so much.

32:46 Deb Scott


32:47 Wayne Scot Lukas

Thank you for showing up.

32:49 Deb Scott

--so the real deal.

32:50 Wayne Scot Lukas

I'm just going to keep showing up.

32:53 Deb Scott

I got to thank Collen. I can't believe-- I don't know. I'd have to speak with-- I'm really emotional. I can't talk to you. I'm just choked

33:03 Wayne Scot Lukas

Maybe we should just write underneath your show like little comments in a little comment area, because at least people will know that it was a-- will be talked about. I tried to post and it wouldn't let me post there. So I don't know how to post underneath.

33:15 Deb Scott

OK. I'm going to do some posting and I'm going to make sure that people know. And this is still going to be replayed, and because you have in the feature with Johnny Depp and some other people on Blog Talk, as you saw, yep, they're going to be able to replay this and it'll be downloaded all day. So it's still going to reach a lot of people. I'm going to go on and make sure that I can let people have some of that talk. You touched on so many things and I'm going to make sure that everybody knows how to reach you on Facebook so that they can friend you or whatever. But when you feel, when you feel like you want to share something else-- I don't want to be pushy and I know how busy you are--

33:53 Wayne Scot Lukas

Well, don't even think-- As I said--

33:54 Deb Scott

--but I'd like to try to--

33:55 Wayne Scot Lukas

We'll do it again because--

33:56 Deb Scott


33:56 Wayne Scot Lukas

We'll do it again because the truth is we still didn't talk about fashion. So we'll do it again.

34:02 Deb Scott

That's exactly it. Well, when you have a date, whenever-- if you have a date in January or if that's too soon, or you have something you're launching, or right before you're going to be on a show with your fashion, if you want to do something then. And we'll set some times so that people can actually call and talk to you. If you want to do that, that would be great.

34:26 Wayne Scot Lukas

I think if people know that someone that they think is fabulous has had ultimate terror and fallen apart, I think it's very important. It's very important. And the world changed. I mean, it's like my world changed and it changed in a minute, and I lost everything. Merle locked up-- the bank accounts got locked up, there was no money, I went broke. And I still acted fabulous, but I mourned publicly on Facebook because people-- I needed to know that there was somebody else who went through this. And I think it's important that people needed it too, you know.

34:59 Deb Scott

You know, I had my grandmother die my arms. I was with my mother when she died and she was my best friend. And then my dad died. My dog died in my arms. It seems like I was around all the time for everybody's passing. And I don't think anybody can understand. You have a great message for teens. I work a lot with teens, and you have a great message for youth, too, because I think in the brokenness of losing love or someone you love, you realize that all these other things, they're frosting on the cake, the looks or the money or whatever. But in the end we're all dying. None of us are staying.

35:45 Wayne Scot Lukas

Absolutely. 100%. 100%. Well, I believe in the women that I talk to and I care about them, and I care about the ladies who by my clothes and shop with me. I really do because it's who I am. I'm a kid from Jersey who didn't have anything. And in that, I made something. And then we'll see what comes from life, and we'll see what I made and if it was important to people. God, people are going crazy. They're writing all over everything. People loved it.

36:17 Deb Scott

Yeah. I'm telling you, I really don't want to be pushy because I want to be respectful and humble of you, but I would love to get you back on because I think a lot of people were really disappointed they didn't get to talk to you.

36:32 Wayne Scot Lukas

People are saying right now that they can hear you and me talking now. So whoever's still on the phone is with us. So we're actually spreading more love.

36:39 Deb Scott

Oh wow! Can they really still hear?

36:41 Wayne Scot Lukas

Yeah, they're saying it on your chat underneath. So, hi, everybody.

36:45 Deb Scott

Oh, that's wonderful.

36:46 Wayne Scot Lukas

And the Facebook is waynescot, one word, W-A-Y-N-E-S-C-O-T T and then the space and then lukas, L-U-K-A-S, and that's Facebook. And then waynescotlukas.com is my website and you can get me there. But I think that just the fact that after the show we talked, we didn't know they were listening and we still were talking about compassion and hope. So it's really the truth of who you are as people.

37:08 Deb Scott

The show after the show.

37:10 Wayne Scot Lukas

Yeah, which we love.

37:11 Deb Scott

The show after the show.

37:12 Wayne Scot Lukas

I appreciate everybody that's out there for listening in, and thank you guys so much. 631 would have been Christie Brinkley. I thought that she may have called in if she knew that I was on, but I didn't tell her till late. But she's been a very good friend for a long time.

37:24 Deb Scott


37:25 Wayne Scot Lukas

She just went through that with Alexa. Her own--

37:29 Deb Scott

Oh yeah.

37:29 Wayne Scot Lukas

--daughter. So we really connected when Merle died because Merle's thing was just a little bit after Alexa, and he actually did it. So it's just heartbreaking at the end of the day. It's what it is.

37:41 Deb Scott

Yeah, and knowing that there's people out there that understand. Because you can't-- I loved what you said, though, about the only way through it is to go through it. And every day sometimes just celebrating that you make it through the day with those things makes a difference.

37:56 Deb Scott

Well, Wayne, you're going to -- I'll see you on Facebook. I'll follow-up with everybody else.

38:02 Wayne Scot Lukas

If they want more Wayne, if everybody wants more Wayne I'll do it. And listen, today at 12 o'clock, I'm free. I could even do a call-in from a fashion show sometime and be giving you descriptions of what I'm seeing on the runway. I can call you from my therapists office and talk about suicide. It's no problem.

38:18 Deb Scott

Oh my gosh. Did I give you the big hug? Did I tell you I loved you today? You are amazing. I am so blessed. I think I'm so blessed to have met you. There's some people you meet and you're better for having met them. You're just really an inspiration. I'm telling you, it takes a lot of courage to share the way you do from your heart. But it's changing other people, and the fact that you're willing to take that risk and step out in faith to do this conversation is really a testimony to your genuine care for the cause and what you believe in. If death can come from new life, I guess that's the only way to look at it.

38:56 Wayne Scot Lukas

If I can't talk about the suicide then he has lived in vain. If I can't discuss what it felt like, if I can't tell people how to help others, then he lived in vain, and he killed himself and he won. He didn't win. He lost. We won, the one's that stayed. So that's why I talk about it, and that's why I talk about it as a, I guess a public figure, and it seems like it really moves people so I'm going to keep talking about it and I'm going to talk about it--.

39:22 Deb Scott

We're going to have you on in January.

39:24 Wayne Scot Lukas

Absolutely. Whatever you want.

39:26 Deb Scott

Is that OK?

39:27 Wayne Scot Lukas

Whatever you want.

39:29 Deb Scott

OK? So we'll have you the first of the year. I'll talk to people and we'll get that on and we'll make sure that we have enough time for people to really get involved, because people really want to-- really dying to touch out-- We want to get those people--

39:43 Wayne Scot Lukas

We'll do an ad--

39:44 Deb Scott


39:44 Wayne Scot Lukas

--we'll do call-ins. We'll have fun. We'll Skype live while we're doing it. How much fun is that?

39:49 Deb Scott

That would be so much fun.

39:52 Wayne Scot Lukas

Yeah, they can sign in to Skype and I'll come sit with you and we'll Skype.

39:56 Deb Scott

Oh, my gosh. I think everybody's got to be excited about that one.

40:00 Deb Scott

All right, well I'll get in touch with you and then we'll pick a date in January. And I hope that you enjoyed it. Obviously, you know that I did and everybody else did. So thank you for taking the time.

40:12 Wayne Scot Lukas

God is there, so you just have to trust that God speaks through you and opens up your heart when people need to hear it. And we don't even know what the right thing to say is, but you kind of have to just trust when you're talking that God's talking through you.

40:25 Deb Scott

Well, God's definitely talking through you. He is working with you, through you, and you're definitely making heaven smile, Wayne. So thank you and God bless.

40:34 Wayne Scot Lukas

And Merle was smiling too today.

40:37 Deb Scott

Yup, he is. He really is. He's saying thank you very much.

40:41 Wayne Scot Lukas

Yeah. That's very important.

40:43 Deb Scott

All right.

40:44 Wayne Scot Lukas

Have a good afternoon.

40:47 Deb Scott

Oh, you too. And thank you again. I'm really so grateful.

40:51 Wayne Scot Lukas

I'm always there.

40:52 Deb Scott

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

40:53 Wayne Scot Lukas

Whatever you need, I'm always there. If anybody needs stuff they know where to reach me.

40:57 Deb Scott

All right. I'll be talking to you soon. We'll get you back on right in January. Thank you and lots of love and blessings to you, and just thank you so very much.

41:07 Wayne Scot Lukas

Your chat's open, people are still talking. All right, you guys. And yes, I love Aldo shoes. I get Aldo shoes all the time. They're $30, to Robbie who wrote me just now. Aldo shoes are beautiful. I get them at the Monmouth Mall in New Jersey, and I sometimes pull them from famous celebrities because they're only $30. Hello.

41:27 Deb Scott

Oh my gosh. You are so funny. I don't know if the chat room's still going. The show's been off.

41:31 Wayne Scot Lukas

The chat room's going.

41:34 Deb Scott

Oh my gosh. All right. Well, you have a beautiful day and thanks again for everybody, and lots of love.

41:40 Wayne Scot Lukas


41:41 Deb Scott

OK. We'll talk to you soon.

41:42 Wayne Scot Lukas

Thank you. Bye-bye.

41:43 Deb Scott

OK. Bye.