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This show is an open forum that is for like minds in the sense that you participate in honest and constructive conversations, are positive in your interaction with others (especially me the Host), have knowledge or an informed opinion to lend (no tomfoolery aka jibberish allowed) and that you are open to ideas that may not mirror your own. Understanding and surface level acceptance along with respect is the key to being a part of this show.

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Gonna catch up on as many episodes as we can during the Wrap-Up from 10/24 til I feel like stopping so you'll know which episode you want to listen to on demand. I want to give you what interests you. Peace

The Buzz...The U.S. is wrapping up the month of black history. I have to be honest and state that there isn't anything that I can say that I've done to honor the history - this month for celebration or awareness. I continued to go on with life as... more

The Buzz..What do you miss? Who do you miss? Today we'll reminisce over you my god. Wanna talk about when it snowed how we played in it, when it was too hot, we played in it. Family reunions, crushes, long lost loves - romantic or... more

The Buzz... In continuing with the theme of social change we're goin talk about exchanging gifts for Valentine's Day. Talk about What the Valentine's Day Massacre is, What sweethearts day is, if your children exchange cards in school,... more
The Bee Move

Back Next Week!!!!

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Don't fret! The Bee Move hosted by Bobbi Cisse will be back next week. I have a special important surprise that will give some hope on the state of education!! The children can again be our future. Also wanna talk about Cote d'Ivoire (the Ivory... more

Following up on stories in the news, child actors, things from around the way that we heard about and were never updated on since. They get us involved by saying "pray for my mom" then the next post on FB is, getting my drink on and I'm... more

The Buzz... I wanna talk about how word play is becoming such an integral part of American society. Sara Palin used the word "refudiate".. a word that may exist in the urban dictionary but did not exist in a standard English dictionary prior.... more

The Buzz... What's your resolution? Can you have more than one? Have you already broken your resolution for the year? Why are we still talking about this when we know it's a done deal, resolutions are broken? The Sting... All depends... more

The Buzz.. we're rounding out the time of year sadness shows.. That's correct, no one is happy this time of year there is no need to be. You're one step closer to DEATH or one step closer to Living. The Sting..Here we are a day after... more

All Music the Whole Show.. will little to no commercials. All kinds of music for all kinds of folks.. May your heart be bright after hearing these songs!! Peace.. Merry Christmas.. Bobbi~ The Bee Move
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