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News and opinion from a constitution based perspective. Fearless talk on anything. Show is on Monday-Thursday 10pm CST (no matter what the schedule might say)The BP Show is part of the WELCOME TO THE WAR (WTTW) Radio Network, and the We The People Network The Barry Paul Show will now be in prime time on Wednesday Nights on WTTW WEST Barry Paul (BP) is also the co-host of Alex Horbol's Liberty Talk Radio on BTR (Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri, Sat 8pm CST). BP is also a regular weekly guest on Random Randy Talk Show (BTR) on Friday Nights at 10 pm CST. The Barry Paul Show, Liberty Talk Radio, Random Randy Talk Show are all part of the Welcome To The War Radio Network (WTTW), which also includes The Dylan Reynolds Show (BTR), America Is Sleeping (BTR), WTTW West (BTR), WTTW Central (BTR), WTTW Archives (BTR) and shows soon to be added include The Johnny Storm Show (, The JNR Report (BTR WTTW WEST), and The Advanced Movie Research Institute (BTR). The Welcome To The War Radio Network was founded by Barry Paul with Alex Hobol, Troy Silvers and Norm Dakota in 2010 as a loose affiliation of shows working together to promote the cause of Liberty. Barry Paul, currently the acting President of The Network has appeared on several dozen different shows and has hosted and co-hosted hundreds of shows. BP to date has also created over two dozen audio documentary specials that can be heard on mixcloud and and BTR. BP is also a singer/songwriter/recording artist that has written and recorded hundreds of songs and 8 solo cds and has played to 1,000's. As a musician BP is a master Lead Guitar Player, keyboard player, Bass player, and singer. BP's music is a true geniune extension of BP's life work of promoting truth, justice and liberty.

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Episode #004 Unscheduled Bonus Episode. "Do you really think that our media is going to fully inform us of what's going?" - BP Serious coverage as news breaks from Japan. Dalton calls in from Alabama for the first time. Barry thinks his... more

News, Politics, Opinion. BP's in a bad mood... *Crime fighting drones in Dade County *BP warns of the police state and tyranny *BP comments on the Proposed $3.6 Trillion budget *BP pleads for a stop of the Stupid Train after learning that... more

"...that's what you find about's still going on." - BP Episode #002 Bp refuses to get on a Charlie Sheen bashing bandwagon. Michelle Obama wants to save America from Obesity while BP warns starvation epidemics would... more

"The Fire of freedom and freedom of speech is just bursting outta me right now." - BP Barry Paul's first live broadcast. BP comments on his call to Syndicated Radio Show, Free Talk Live.... more
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