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Join us weekdays 11:30 - 12:00 P.m. The Back Story is an online journal of fact (original reporting) and opinion. It is specifically intended to be an alternative to the local newspaper, where certain news items are under-reported (or not reported at all), where not all points of view make it into print, and where current economic conditions have rendered investigative reporting all but extinct. The emphasis will be on the Stanislaus County area: political, economic, social, cultural that affect those of us who live here. We are not suggesting that we are going to supplant the daily newspaper, but we ARE stating that there is a considerable gap between what happens in and around our communities and what is reported, and we propose to fill that gap. There are individuals, groups and concepts that are considered untouchable, and we think that is very unhealthy and downright dangerous to the concept of representative democracy. There’s a lot going on in our city that affects you – events and issues you need to know about. The Bee has failed us as a reliable news source. You have to look further than the Modesto Bee. Fortunately, you have a choice with news and comment by Mayor Sabatino. You can get the REAL facts about important local issues on The Back Story. Streaming to your computer @ – from 11:30 to noon daily. Again – that is The Back Story – daily from 11:30 to noon. You will notice the difference. Local call-in number (209) 846-1814.

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Today's show is a replay from yesterday.


Get the back story to all the news that is news, in Modesto.

Get the real news with Mayor Carmen Sabatino at 1:00 TODAY!

For new you won't hear anywhere else, tune into THE BACK STORY with Mayor Carmen Sabatino.

While the Mayor is gathering news you can use, today's show will be a replay. Please tune in on Monday for a LIVE shot at 11:30 am.

Broadcast to air at 1:00 pm today, instead of the usual 11:30 am to bring you the lastest news from the Bail Bond Trial in Downtown Modesto. Get the back story to local Modesto politics, right here, with Mayor Carmen Sabatino.

New you won't hear anywhere else, it's the BACK STORY each week day at 11:30 am.

Get the news here, that you won't hear anywhere else-it's the BACK STORY to Modesto politics with Mayor Carmen Sabatino.