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The Axiom Principle

The Axiom Principle


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An axiom is a universally accepted truth. The axiom principle is the paradigm where people attempt to present false claims of knowledge as universal truths

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Today I am joined by Andrew Jones of Diversenomics. His startup company focuses on consultation and coaching for businesses to adopt diversity and inclusion within their organization. His approach is to focus on the economical... more

@godless_mom is a YouTuber, Podcaster, Twitter warrior, and blogger. She grew up atheist and offers interesting arguments from a minority perspective in a deeply religious world. Her unique perspective and witty personality challenges the... more

In several defenses against the use of debate I have heard the claim that there are alternative forms of learning that debate doesn't solve. This is true. However, which is moore suitable to which topic. Is debate useful for discussions on... more

When people say Marxist, the images of the Orwell novel 1984 come to mind. But how does the marxist ideology affect us today? The reality is that Marxism today isn't about the have versus the have not's. It's now all about us versus... more

Comedy has moved to one off pieces of quick fix laughter. It's a collection of correlations where if one person does it, and it catches on, everyone does it. There's plenty of memes and people who use them. But what is meme culture... more

In this podcast I'll probably offend a few people and irritate others. I'm going to be discussing the effects of depression. Depression is a mental affliction that is caused by a weakness of will. It's considered as a mental disorder in psychology... more

This week we have a special guest coming to The Axiom Principle. @SkepticNikki will be joining us to discuss what she's been up to for the past year. She has a new effort to fight against religious thinking. We will be discussing what she's... more

The mission and vision of The Axiom Principle is to stop ignorance in every field and in every space. The modern world has no more room for ignorant thoughts, ignorant ideals, or ignorant people. We have at our disposal the means to wipe... more

Social justice can be defined as a state or doctrine of egalitarianism. Another definition is the distribution of advantages and disadvantages within a society. Oxford dictionary defines social justice as Justice in terms of the distribution of... more

How can you assault an idea? I think there might be a way where people percieve that an idea that they find valuable is attacked thus is attacking them. However, since when are ideas able to have feelings? The very concept is similar to the... more