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Darlene Perkins

Darlene Perkins


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WHAT IS FASTING? it is a voluntary abstaining from food or drink, ect, for extended periods of time.

BIBLICAL FASTING: Is a voluntary act of dicipline whereby you deny ones self of the basics of eating or drinking, ect, in order to be available for prayer and to hear from GOD. It is an ultimate act of self denial and intense training on righteousness. While on a fast one should pray, meditate and read scripture daily.

* If you have health Issues, please speak to your doctor before attemping a food and or liquid fast.

A list of purposes for fasting:

  • To humble yourself: Isaiah 58:5
  • To loose the bands of wickedness: Isaiah 58:6-12
  • Repentance: Jonah 3:5
  • When facing dabger: Ezra 8:21,23
  • Courage and widom: Esther 4:3,16 and 9:31
  • Set aside for holiness: 1 Corinthian 7:5
  • Anwered prayer: Acts 10:30-31
  • wisdom: Acts 14:23
  • In times of grief 1 Samuel 31:13 and 1 Chronicles 10:12
  • Special revelation: Exodus 34:21-28
  • In times of distress: 2 samuel 1:12
  • The Daniel fast: Daniel 8:1-14
  • Mourning: daniel 10:1-3  ( ie. Mileahead Ministries).

"How be it this kind goeth not out but by fasting and praying." Matthew 17:21