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The Authors Speak is an author interview program. We seek to profile authors, spotlight books, and support literacy as a whole. We ask the questions others don't, bring you the authors others don't, and recommend the books that nobody does.

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Kids, if you like your horror hardcore and brutal, then you should have stumbled across the lawn while running from this guy (why he has a knife and a cowl, I've no clue). Jonathan Moon, author du jour, has his book HEINOUS upcoming.... more

Bestselling author Kat Martin joins us for a rare, Friday Night Authors Speak. She's the author of the upcoming "A Song for My Mother", which is a very strong entry in the offerings for 2011. I must-read.

Regardless of what she releases, Hannah is a perennial NY Times Bestseller! And, there's a reason for that - her stuff is that GRAND. We'll chat with the bestselling author, candidly, for a discussion on publishing, the ebook craze,... more

The author of the insanely fun UNCLE SAM'S CARNIVAL OF COPULATING INANIMALS will join us to discuss bizarro. Why? Well, Eraserhead Press has this new imprint - the New Bizarro Authors Series - and Kirk's a part of that. What's... more

The Funky Werepig is an insider in the world of Horror Fiction. A staple for nearly four years, most people don't realize that Mr. Hall is also a talented writer. His book, At the End of Church Street, just made the prelim list for the Stokers! If... more

Laurel Saville's fiction, essays, and articles have appeared in the Bennington Review, House Beautiful, Room, and many other publications. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing and Literature. And we'll discuss her outstanding novel... more

A juggernaut in the publishing arena, Konrath has been killing it. Not only is he the author of the highly addictive Jack Daniels mysteries, he's setting a benchmark standard in publishing. His latest mystery, "Shaken", is released... more

New Orleans is rife with talent - musical, literary, theatrical. The city is brimming with creative energy. And a hurricane named Katrina cannot take that away. Paul Sanchez is one of the most talented singer/songwriters in all the world and last... more

Bucket of Face. It's an odd little read, filled with imagery and events that are truly shocking. Actually, killer fruit is something that has not gotten enough respect. But how do you do fruit without dipping into the realm of cheeseball humor, like,... more

There's a lot of kids writing horror. Not to many of them mature well, though. Dunwoody is the exception. We've watched his writing age like a fine wine - getting better with time, more polished, more welcoming. Now, Belfire has an... more