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The Audman Media Network is a collection of sports talk shows which features expert analysis and entertaining interviews with sports stars, coaches and celebrity hoops fans. Features shows such as The Breakdown with Dave & Audley, 3rd & Long and NBL Canada Live

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Dave & Audley will speak to one of the biggest and most talented stars of the AND1 Mix Tape Tour, Troy "Escalade" Jackson. The 6 foot 10, 375 pound little brother of former Knick, Mark Jackson, will fill you in about his experiences on... more
The Audman Media Network

Featured Blog of the Week - The No-Look Pass

  • by The Audman Media Network
The No-Look Pass The No-Look Pass is a blog by an everyday NBA fan named Rey-Rey. In The No-Look Pass, he talks about everything NBA-related... from how a team is doing to awesome NBA moments... My personal favourite is... more

The shortest NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champion ever is on the show to kick off 2009 in fine style! Dave & Audley will ask Spud Webb not only about his big-time talent, but they'll also get his thoughts regarding his legendary dunk contest final... more

If you want trash talk, you came to the right show. Dave & Audley will be joined with accomplished basketball writers, Duane Watson and Peter Robert Casey for an hour full of debate, eye-poking and drop-kicking. It's no holds... more

Get ready for a full hour of laughs and great stories when former Toronto Raptors teammates, Sharone Wright and Tracy Murray join Dave and Audley on the show. Plus, there will be some surprises! So, grab yourself some eggnog and... more

After the former Phoenix Suns all-star guard was MIA last week, he officially made his NBA Breakdown debut in this episode. You don't want to miss Dave & Audley's chat with the first African American mayor of Sacramento, Kevin... more
The Audman Media Network

Featured Blog of the Week - Peter Robert Casey

  • by The Audman Media Network
As a NYC hoops insider, Peter Robert Casey - - seeks to enlighten, influence and connect the larger basketball community through engaging stories, thought provoking interviews and insightful commentary.... more

Will Dave cackle like a chicken or will Audley bark like a dog? You will find out who will do what in the most anticipated show of the season! Who is the winner of Dave & Audley's MASSIVE fantasy league match-up from last week? You'll find... more
The Audman Media Network

Featured Blog of the Week - The Anetzberger Verdict

  • by The Audman Media Network
The Anetzberger Verdict is a basketball based blog with information on just about every division of professional basketball. The Anetzberger Verdict will exclusively cover the Toronto Raptors (Moon), the Albany Patroons, and the newly founded... more

It's bigger than Ali vs Frazier. It's more massive than Wilt Chamberlain vs Bill Russell. Heck, it even dwarfs Oprah vs Tyra. Yes, the most anticipated fantasy one-on-one match up EVER is taking place this week -- Audley vs Dave. One... more