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Gaining the Athletic Edge

The Athletic Edge


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Athletic Edge speaks on several topics regarding the enhancement of athletes.We speak on many topics on functional strength and sport specific training to enhance the overall efficency of the athlete to become faster and avoid injury. The overall areas of sports nutrition to have a plan into your goals are talked about as a staple of our conversations.

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Have hit an area where your bench has stalled? Are you frustrated because you are not where you should be with your bench press. There are 3 areas that have to be considered mental process, physical skills, and technical skills.... more

This Podcast speaks on two major concerns concussion prevention and athletic performance. concussions are a very big concerns for alot of people from the athlete, parents, and coach's. We will never eliminate concussions but it is in... more

Have you stalled on your squat? Building the squat requires many aspects to look at when improving it.When increasing the squat we need to ensure we are consistant with the amount of weight lifted with the rep scheme is at.... more

Our focus is on three areas a plan needs analysis, sport specific movements, and the functional strength of the athlete.These three areas will be discussed on helping athleticism with athletes. We are unable to have an effective program... more

Developing the squat comes in many areas from your atmosphere, plan, to necessary mechanics of the squat. We divide the podcast into three major area's plan , training partners, and using the box squat the right way. Your plan... more

When putting an athletic training program together we have to demand a lot out of the body without overtraining.We emphasize all the time what exercises build are squat or bench? This is a question we all should ask first what are we eating to... more

The deadlift doesn't come easy, there is no secret formula, just hard work and working smart. We will speak on working smart, by looking at how you are approaching the deadlift, how strong you are, and last, how your fundementals... more