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The Art of the CEO

The Art of the CEO


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Listen in to publisher and author, Bart Jackson as he shares insights from the most powerful CEO's and guests from across the country.

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As the Christmas Countdown nears, Santa Inc.'s preparations are nearing a fiery frenzy. Host Bart Jackson, at great expense, has flown in Santa Claus' Head Elf, Jeanne, to reveal how the jolly saint motivates his team, how he maintains his... more

Everyone knows you have to be brave to launch your own business; but until you've been there, you really don't know how brave. Host Bart Jackson commiserates and examines several of the most dire and haunting traumas... more

When over 400 million GPS owners and 50 million smartphone holders hear the warm, mellifluous, yet firm tones of Ms. Karen Jacobsen telling them what to do, they listen and drive exactly as her voiceover directs. Even when the dreaded... more

From a wooded swamp to the hub of American competitive rowing, the Princeton National Rowing Association has made its Mercer Lake in central New Jersey the site of national competitions and Olympic training. Host Bart Jackson invites... more

Buying & selling companies is one of the most fascinating – and complex – maneuvers in all business. And if Host Bart Jackson's latest guest, Michael Nall has his way, it is about to get a whole lot simpler. Veteran... more

While 30 percent of family businesses transfer to the next generation, less than one quarter of them are still producing the same product. So how can you plan an exit strategy? Host Bart Jackson brings on financial advisor Paula Brancato... more

You may be an absolute whiz at formal presentations, with shining personal communication skills. But what have you done for your team lately? Host Bart Jackson brings aboard Matt Abrahams, noted author, Stanford University... more

Marketing a law firm is a touchy business. High profile cases and clients offer some fleeting brilliance, but how can you keep the public spotlight glowing? Host Bart Jackson invites Michael Wildes, managing partner of the law firm that... more

Instead of trying to appeal to people as you wish them to be, why not deal with homo sapiens as they are? So says Host Bart Jackson's guests Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan, founders of the iconoclastic and very sought-after Impossible... more

Large, corporate, and public vs. mid-market, private, and closely-held. The business languages are different, the biases immense, and the cultures – like Mercury and Saturn. So can they deal together? Host Bart Jackson's... more