The Art of the CEO

The Art of the CEO


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Listen in to publisher and author, Bart Jackson as he shares insights from the most powerful CEO's and guests from across the country.

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No group of clients are more whimsical, less loyal, more assaulted by and defensive against sales pitches, less definable, and just plain more unpredictable than Mr. and Ms. John Q. Public when they walk into a retail store. On the other... more

What other non-profit could transform a 102-year-old pinup model into an international fund raising icon? The Galapagos Conservancy launched tortoise Lonesome George into global stardom and the remote string of Pacific islands... more

Corporations and those who lead them have become the strong and vital patrons of our culture. They sponsor and advocate for our arts, education, hospitals, and our environment. Our community charities depend on our businesses, and our... more

If you're not actively connected with at least one professional organization, your losing business. Simple as that. Host Bart Jackson this week brings on featured guest Ms. Sally Glick, President of the Association for Corporate Growth, New... more

In celebration of Nov. 17-23 Global Entrepreneurship Week, Host Bart Jackson invites Dr. Arturo Osorio, professor of Entrepreneurship and Global Business at Rutgers University, to discuss the broadening scope of today's world-wide... more

Need an employee who's been trained to be trainable, holds high-level skills, and the character to tackle any problem? Host Bart Jackson celebrates Veterans Day by bringing aboard Jack Fanous, CEO of the G.I. Go Fund designed to give... more

All right ladies & genetlmen of business, it's time for you to stop being so frightened of laws and lawmakers, and start seeing their advantage for your firms. As an Election Day Special, host Bart Jackson invites New Jersey... more

'Tis not your rank or title, but the raw material within that holds your ability to generate influence beyond what you might imagine. Host Bart Jackson invites guest Dale Caldwell, serial CEO, business and social entrepreneur, educator,... more

Forget the Hollywood images, sitting on the board of directors today demands work, wisdom, and sweat. It is no longer your grandfarther's boardroom. Host Bart Jackson invties nationally known board and CEO consultant Thomas Bakewell,... more

In this outcome-obsessed society, too many business folks grope desperately for success, forgetting the very reason they were attracted to business in the first place. Host Bart Jackson brings on global hedge fund pioneer Keith Danko as... more