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The Angry Christian

Alright guys, I know that Part 10 is not until tonight, but I want to go ahead and post notes for it.  I kind of hope for tonight's show to really stay on topic so I would like for those who have the chance to look at those notes as they are listening to the show.  I think from here on out I will be doing what I can to actually post my notes BEFORE I do the shows.

I first want to go ahead and say that you don't have to just come to BTR to hear the archived segments of my show.  Here are some other places that you can find me and the archives:

HTTP://Way-Truth-Life.Tripod.Com (Check out the "This Week" Link)


Http://WWW.Facebook.Com  (Just Search for Logan Hawk in the Tampa Bay, FL Netw.)


You can also e mail me with any questions or feed back at;  Logan_Hawk@Live.Com

Also, A lot of the information that I am using comes from a packet that a friend of mine from the group known as "Anonymous" sent me called "The Truth about Scientology".  If you would like a copy of this 80-Page PDF File, just e mail  me and ask for it and I will send it to you. 

Part 7- Fair Gaming Tactics

In what might be the most disturbing of all Scientology policies, ’Fair Game’ is

the right of any Scientologist to harass any other person who is officially declared

an SP (suppressive person) or generally antagonistic towards the Church.

L. Ron Hubbard drafted the ”Fair Game” law in 1965. People deemed to be

”suppressive” could be subject to ”fair game” retaliation.

”A Suppressive Person or Group becomes fair game. By FAIR GAME [it] is meant

[that the individual], may not be further protected by the codes and disciplines or

the rights of a Scientologist.” Later, in December of that year, Hubbard reissued the

Fair Game policy with additional clarifications to define the scope of Fair Game. He

made it clear that the policy applied to non-Scientologists as well. He declared:

”The homes, property, places and abodes of persons who have been active in

attempting to suppress Scientology or Scientologists are all beyond any protection

of Scientology Ethics, unless absolved by later Ethics or an amnesty ... this Policy

Letter extends to suppressive non-Scientology wives and husbands and parents, or

other family members or hostile groups or even close friends.”




As an example of how far Hubbard was willing to go, in 1965 he considered

attacking the IRS. Eventually the Church of Scientology did attack the IRS, as well

as many other U.S. and foreign agencies, under Operation Snow White. He told

Scientologists in a HCO policy letter dated April 2nd,1965:

”If the Internal Revenue Service (in refusing the FCDC [Founding Church of

Scientology, Washington DC] non-profit status) continues to act up or if the FDA

does sue we can of course Comm Ev [Committee of Evidence] them and if found

guilty, label and publish them as a Suppressive Group and fair game ... [No] one is

fair game until he or she declares against us.”

In 1967, the policy of ”Fair Game” was broadened ever farther in another HCO

policy letter dated October 1967 (HCOPL 18 Oct 67 Issue IV, Penalties for Lower

Conditions), where Hubbard defines penalties for anyone deemed to be in a

”Condition of Enemy”:

ENEMY — SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of

property or injured by any means by any Scientologist

without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be

tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.

Some People like to think that "Fair game" has been done away with, but what you will find is that it was done away with only in name and in documentation.  It still exists as a policy, though.  Just ask Paulette Cooper and Graham Berry and those who attend the anonymous protests. 

Part 8- Mysterious Deaths, Lies and Crimes of Scientology

The notes for this part are quite simple.  Just check out this list of sites:



1. Lisa McPherson
2. Operation Freakout
3. Operations Snow White

Part 9- Scientology Vs. Psychiatry

Go to youtube and check out the Matt Lauer/Tom Cruise interview

If you check out; Http://WWW.WhyAreTheyDead.Net You will find a lot of cases of deaths due to Scientology's stance on Psychiatry and stealing people's medication.


The Buffalo’ News Article, January 30, 2005:





Jeremy Perkins didn’t want to take his vitamins.

He sometimes took the dozen or so his mother, Elli, set aside for him in

the belief they would make the delusions and voices go away. But not this

day. On a cold morning in March 2003 in the Perkins family’s white, twostory

home on busy Hopkins Road in Amherst, Jeremy flushed the vitamins

down the toilet.

”I don’t like to take (them) because I always feel better if I don’t,” the 28-year-old Perkins later

told Amherst police. ”I told her I didn’t want to today.”

Perkins also didn’t like his mother telling him to take a shower. He obeyed her, but when he

finished, he told the police, he stabbed at his wrists with a utility knife.

”I wouldn’t die,” he said, ”so I decided to do my Mom in instead.”

Jeremy Perkins was a member of the Church of Scientology. The church’s beliefs of spiritual

enlightenment and self-improvement are based on the philosophical and psychological teachings

of its late founder, science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. Because Jeremy and his mother shared

the church’s adamant opposition to psychiatry, he didn’t take drugs that medical professionals

say could have staved off his illness - and saved his mother’s life.

Scientology’s anti-psychiatry stance is one reason the 51-year-old organization remains a

source of worldwide controversy and, frequently, condemnation. It claims up to 8 million members

in 154 countries, including about 500 members in Western New York. The church has received

credit for its anti-drug and pro-literacy teachings. But it also has been criticized by governments,

former members and cult experts who say the church is an authoritarian, moneymaking cult that

can ruin people’s lives.

And, as seen with the Perkins family, the Buffalo church - known internally as the ”Buffalo

org,” for ”organization” - opposes psychiatry.

Elli Perkins’ devoted opposition may have proven fatal.

”Elli was adamant about not allowing psychotropic drugs,” said Dawn Pastva of Kenmore, a

longtime friend of the family. ”She said it was against all the (Church of Scientology) tenets, and

psychiatry was the equivalent of the devil.”

On the morning of March 13, 2003 - L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday - Jeremy Perkins went into

his family’s kitchen, grabbed a 12-inch knife and hid it behind his back. In his delusional state,

he was suspicious of his parents’ decision to send him that afternoon to live for a while with

someone in the Southern Tier. He thought the vitamin pills his mother wanted him to take were

making him worse. And he believed his mother possessed an evil eye.

Elli Perkins, a Scientologist for more than 30 years, was talking on the telephone when Jeremy

pushed her into a bedroom.




He stabbed her 77 times.”




Part 10- David Miscavige and SeaOrg


Chairman of the RTC.  Now runs Sea org (Will be talking about the sex scandal that is going on in Sea org).  I am also hoping to make the story of Shelly Miscavige and her seeming disappearance. 

I also am going to be talking about some of his Abuses of those that are member of Scientology and particularly those that are Black.


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