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  Eversince I can remember I have heard other countries of the world call America "The Great Satan" and that really made my blood burn, as to this proud American veteran and citizen who has always held America in honor and respect and seen many truly Godly people going to church every Sunday and felt there was not any way that America was the Great Satan,

  However today with false men of God standing behind the pulpits of many churches (Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn,T.D. Jakes, Kenneth Copeland, just to name a few), a President who has repeatedly stood against God and sought to destroy the foundation our nation stands on and a media and entertainment industry who floods us and our children with evil messages in our movies and music, even the food we eat is loaded down with GMO's that are slowly killing us.

    Let's open our eyes up and see the truth that our still great nation is under attack, but not from an outside enemy who is waiting at the gate, but from the enemy that is within, yes my fellow Americans and Patriots, Satan himself is trying to destroy our nation from within, but the question is what are each of us willing to do to stop the evil from destroying us?

   I know that what I am about to say may anger a lot of people, but I love my country and each of you and at the risk of having you hate me for wanting to save you (even if it means I sacrifice my life in this effort) from falling victim to Satan's evil plan, but I will say it and let things fall where they may, as the Bible teaches us that as followers of Christ Jesus we are to be watches, meaning we are to be watchful and if we see something not of God coming to destroy we are to alarm everyone of the pending danger that is coming and failing to do so would mean that we would be punished by God