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The Anunnaki in Detail, What do you KNOW?

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
The Age of I Know

The Age of I Know


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What if everything that we have been taught to beLIEve is a LIE?. What if common stories were designed to create obstacles of illusion in our journey to progress?. What if the contrived illusions were given to us in allergories and fables AND SOME DEEMED MYTH,  in order to make bizarre their truths?. What if as children and adults alike, these stories and illusions are maintained to inhibit intellectual, spiritual, emotional and evolutionary growth?.

What if to UNMASK and DECODE these stories means that the teller of these stories loose their further power to manipulate the KNOWledge of its subjects?. What if to KNOW, deems the masters of these illusions insignificant and powerless?. What if to uncover and UNMASK these illusions, would be to EMPOWER the SUBjected above and beyond the its designers?.

WHAT IF YOU KNEW?, How much do you KNOW?. How much do WE KNOW?

My Book "The Age I Know, Unmasking the Magicians: The Bible Exposed" By Vera Courtenay, Takes the reader on the exploration and journey through ALL reLIEgious beLIEfs. Finally a freeDOME of the MIND the MENTAL, from ALL beLIEf. A riddance of the Matrix illusion constructed upon the external worship of DIETIES that have usurped the sovereignty of ALL Humanity. Making more victim the disenfranchised, whose demise imposes the vision and the false illusion of the inferior. 

Upon the reading of my book, your own personal journey and COLLECTIONS OF DATA, I now ask, WE all ask:


My book can be found on Amazon at said link:http://www.amazon.com/The-Age-Know-Unmasking-Magicians/dp/1505303877