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THE END OF THE WORLD, IS JUST THE BEGINNING...Join me as I explore the post apoclayptic genre from books,films,TV series,art, and video games. Welcome to The Aftermath. This show is dedicated to the post-apocalyptic genre from everything to movies, TV programs, books, animations, comics, and video games. So, if you are fascinated with shows such as Jericho and the upcoming film The Road, Books such as The Stand or Alas Babylon then you have come to the right place.So, get to your fallout shelter and tune in to these important messages.

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The remake of the popular Terry Nation's Post apocalyptic tv series "Suvivors" comes to America on Saturday's on BBC America. So stay tuned to The Aftermath Show for more important messages.

Bethesda the maker of the popular Post Apocalyptic video game Fallout 3 reveals a trailer for it's upcoming release of Fallout: New Vegas. Post apocalyptic news and discussion about the genre. Remain in your fallout shelters and stay... more

The AMC Channel has green lighted the pilot for the zombie apocalypse "The Walking Dead". I'll preview the popular comic book series and give you a synopsis of the story and characters.Also, post apocalyptic news and discussion... more

Checkout this episode as I pull a piece and dissect The Book Of Eli starring Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman.Post apocalyptic news and discussion about the genre. Remain in your fallout shelters and stay tuned to The... more

Starring Denzel Washington as Eli a lone wanderer in 2043 Post-Apocalyptic America. He is the guardian of a valuable book that could provide the knowledge to rebuild society. Also other post-apocalyptic news and discussion about the... more

Waiting now for over a year and a half finally I'll get a chance to see the film. December 18th 'The Road' opens in more cities across the United States and one near me "Finally!" and more post apocalyptic news and discussion about the... more

This week I'll look at the DVD release of 'Carriers' a film about a group of young adults fleeing from the post pandemic that has nearly wiped out humanity. The group are heading to an isolated beach which they believe they can find shelter... more

Another great post apocalyptic gem from Britian called 'The Last Train'. The post apocalyptic tv mini-series premiered back in 1999 and follows a group of survivors who emerged from a train derailment which they learn later was caused by an... more

Lets talk about Terminator Salvation out on dvd/blue-ray today Dec. 1st and the post apocalyptic setting the story takes place. Also, my Video of the week'Survivors' episode 6'Garland's War'and always other post apocalyptic... more

'The Road' opens in theaters Nov. 25th. We've been waiting for two years to see Cormac McCarthy's book transformed to the big screen and now the countdown begins.Post apocalyptic news and discussion about the genre. Remain in your... more
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