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Black Breeders aren't Conscious Leaders

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The Afrikan Village Podcast

The Afrikan Village Podcast


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                                                             "Black Breeders aren't Conscious Leaders"

Maat Hotep my conscious queens and queen mothers you must take a conscious stand and realize the importance of who you are as a woman and mothers of this planet. That being said You Black woman must realize and accept that the man you accept and open yourself up to is the person you make your representative meaning in reality man is a representation of his woman and that includes his mother the first woman and love in his life. The white man/devil have taught and indoctrinated us black people to be the breeders we are and that is exactly what we continue to do without question in most cases we breed and make baby's and in some instance we create families.

But in any case and situation "Black Breeders aren't Conscious Leaders" It's going to take strong conscious black women who will make, raise and build strong conscious black men. But as it stands today and since the time of our enslavement we've operated and obeyed our captures "Willy Lynch" indoctrination as breeders without question. Yes even strong educated black women are still unconsciously following the indoctrination of being a breeder which doesn't at all create strong conscious leaders within the black community as stated before it will only be strong consciously aware black woman that will rebuild our families and raise strong consciously aware black men once again........

Call in toll free and as always it wont cost you a dime just a bit of your conscious time is all at 855-445-9340