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The Kalief Browder Story.

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Noah Batts

Noah Batts


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Have you and other members of your family been continuously harassed and targeted by the police? Well, Kalief Browder born in Bronx New York in 93 the youngest of seven siblings who affectionately called him peanut at age 6 saw his15 year old brother Akeem kidnapped by the police sent to the 48th precinct on trumped up charges that he was the Bronx Rapist who raped 11 women and and ano ther brother who died in prison only to be kidnapped 10 years later by the police and sent to the same Precint on trumped up charges that he and a friend allegedly robbed a man of a bookbag. Kalief Browder 16 at the time was questioned without an attorney, without the presence of his parents, sent to the infamous Rikers Island Jail. His bail was $900 but when the family raised the money and went to get him out they put a hold on Kalief for a previous charge he had of joyriding in a Bakery Truck which carried a charge of 5 years probation that was violated from this bogus case. In Rikers, Kalief was assualted by both Inmates and Correctional Staff, unjustly sent to solitary confinement numerous times, straved, given half eaten trays by staff, denied showers, water, ice, Medical and Mental Health treatment, lied on in bogus tickets wriiten on him by staff to keep him locked up in solitary confinement, denied the right to a fair and speedy trial, hauled off to court over 30 times just for the case to be continued by the state and pressured by the D.A. a HOUSE NIGGER named ROBERT JOHNSON to cop out to a plea of 3 1/2 years but out of all that Kalief Browder maintained his innocence. His mother R.I.P the beautiful Venida Browder took 3 buses and two trains to visit her son over 150 times suffered from diabetes, congestive heart failure had 11 heart attacks was in his corner every step of the way Kalief spent over 1000 days in jail 800 of which spent in solitary confinment only for the state to drop the case releasing him in 2013 committed suicide just 2 years later