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"Get Out" . .. A true story about Black Organ Harvesting.

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Noah Batts

Noah Batts


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Usually when most Black People go to see a Motion Picture Film full of Subliminal Messages the first that comes out of their fool mouths is: "Aww that just Hollywood." They are are so blind and far from the truth that they cant even see when a visual message is being sent through Movies, TV and Cinema.When White People and Jews show us the destruction they are about to bring upon us they have already done and are working on something else so when their destruction comes our way and we say: "Well nobody warned us". The Whiteman will say: "We've been warning you people for decades through the Media, Movies and Television but you wrote it off as entertainment. Now take for example the latest movie entitled: "Get Out" full of subliminal messages starring Daniel Kaluuya and Comedian Lil Rel is a blatant example of Black Organ Harvesting. There is no coincedence that each years hundreds maybe thousands of young black people are reported missing only to be found murdered or not found at all to the present day. There is no coincidence our Medical, School and Police Records are suddenly coming up missing. There is certainly no coincidence concerning the murder rates amongst young black people in cities like Atlanta, New Orleans, Detroit, Fuergeson and Chicago dubbed Chiraq for the most murders in a single year than the entire Iraq War are disproportionately, out of control. Young blacks are encouraged to destroy one another through Gangsta Rap, World Star or shot by Police the Parents cant afford a private Autopsy done on their deceased not knowing that their whole internal organs may have been stolen and their bodies stuffed with newspaper as in the cases of Kendrick Johnson, Ryan Singleton, Vance Anderson and Henritta Lacks who was robbed of her Stem Cells. White Folks are genetically inferior to us and are dying off and our organs are their fountains of youth. BEWARE!!!