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Awaken You Mighty African!!!

  • Broadcast in Self Help
Noah Batts

Noah Batts


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It seems as if the more mentally dead, lost and chaotic Negroes become the more longevity of life they receive but the moment we truly separate from our open enemies the White Race, accpet our own and become our righteous African selves our lives are shortened and taken at a moments notice. Europeans can only survive in chaos because thats how they were made and provide poisons such as lean cough syrup, loud weed and ecstacy pills to our poor mentally dead people preferrably our youth to self medicate in order to survive in this crazy Whiteman's world of chaos. With all of the evidence revealed that was once hidden of the greatness of our Ancestors and the real owners of the Earth our youth are only concerned with gettin money, bling or putting out a Rap C-D. The rest of our people spend their entire lives chasing the so called American Dream which is why it is extremely difficult to awaken our Negro Sleepwalkers. Our Elders are almost non-existent and the only advice they give to us is to be a Nigger just like them, pray to White Jesus and love our enemies the White Race. Negroes like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Steve Harvey have sold out the aspirations of our people in exchange for false promises from Caucasians and Jews. We are lost Sheep led by Wolves in Sheperds clothing who want nothing to do with African Consciousness and who's only job is to add more Slaves to help maintain the Whiteman's Heaven which in turn equals the Blackmans hell. The time for sleepwalking is over. Awaken you mighty African. Awaken my mighty Black brother, awaken my mighty Black sister. Take back what is rightfully ours. Our Ancestors are waiting for us to stand up against our open enemies and assist us in this battle. Elders, Parents, Black Men, the Community from Africa to North America awken you mighty Africans and lets save the lives of our youth for they are our first line of defense. Awaken you mighty African.