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Mental Illness in the Black Community Part II

  • Broadcast in Psychology
Noah Batts

Noah Batts


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Question: If something was to happen to me do you think people would care? I think not. I, myself suffer from bouts of Depression(Which is a Mood Disorder that causes severe symptoms that affect how you feel and think) and have  reached a breaking point in my life where I feel I cant go on anymore. I would never commit Suicide for my Ancestors would never forgive for taking a life that my Mother nearly died giving birth to. I don't believe in God because he allowed the Whiteman to kill off whole Races of Native Americans and those who he didn't push to Reservations causing them to become Alcoholics or suffer from severe forms of Mental Illness as in the case of my Great Grandmother who was full blown Indian. My Mothers Mother was sick and died in a Prison Psych Hospital in Dixon, Illinois in 1977 and genetically the disease traveled through my bloodline affecting Myself, my Older Sister and my Nephew as a result. As a Teenager and Young Adult I knew I was sick but dealt with my Illness through anger and ostracised myself from Family, Friends, and People in general who began to judge me even until the Present Day. I know how those who struggle with this disease must feel.  How could Black People judge their Brothers and Sisters who suffer from a disease brought on by 400 years of Chattel Slavery but turn around and befriend the same White Devils who picked up from where their Ancestors left off? Most Blacks swear up and down they are Sane but themselves suffer from Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome. We still wear the names of our Slavemasters, worship their White God, eat Pig, have White Friends, Spouses, Alcoholics, Drug Abusers, Liars, Thieves, Cheats, Adulterers, Gays, Lesbians, Educated Fools, Negroes who are all in need of a African Psychologist. So who is to blame: My Great Grandma or the Whiteman for my illness? Any way it goes the damage has been done!